Wrist: Fixation

AO Cannulated Screw (Implant 191)AO Cannulated Screw (Implant 191)
Use of 3.5 AO cannulated screw and k-wires for Radioscapholunate ... [more]
BioPro Nitinol Staple (Implant 2011241)BioPro Nitinol Staple (Implant 2011241)
BioPro Nitinol Staple for Intercarpal Fusions Courtesy of Jaso ... [more]
Cannulated Screw (Implant 177)Cannulated Screw (Implant 177)
Young male with scaphoid ORIF via percutaneous dorsal approach us ... [more]
Diamond Plate (Implant 677)Diamond Plate (Implant 677)
Diamond plate used for 4 bone intercarpal fusion which allows cen ... [more]
Herbert Bone Screw (Implant 280)Herbert Bone Screw (Implant 280)
Herbert Bone screw for scaphoid. Note threads of obviously differ ... [more]
Herbert Screw (Implant 1029)Herbert Screw (Implant 1029)
Herbert Screw Radioscapholunate Fixation Charles Eaton, MD; The ... [more]
Reverto Memory Staple™ (Implant 4238)Reverto Memory Staple™ (Implant 4238)
Reverto Memory Staple™ used for midcarpal (4 corner) arthrodesi ... [more]