Hand Implants

Ascension MCP Prosthesis (Implant 65)Ascension MCP Prosthesis (Implant 65)
Contents Ascension MCP Joint Prostheses (PyroCarbon) Courtesy ... [more]
BioPro Modular Thumb Implant (Implant 2011021)BioPro Modular Thumb Implant (Implant 2011021)
Press-fit, hemiarthroplasty prosthesis for the thumb basal joint ... [more]
Braun-Cutter Thumb TJA (Implant 333)Braun-Cutter Thumb TJA (Implant 333)
Contents Fluoro view of cemented total joint arthroplasty of th ... [more]
Medartis Quadrilateral Plate (Implant 613)Medartis Quadrilateral Plate (Implant 613)
Metacarpal osteotomy for malunion stabilized with Medartis 2.0 lo ... [more]
Mini-Condylar Blade Plate (Implant 243)Mini-Condylar Blade Plate (Implant 243)
Mini-condylar blade plate for small bone peri-articular fractures ... [more]
Synthes Titanium Plate (Implant 284)Synthes Titanium Plate (Implant 284)
2 mm Titanium plate and 2 mm screws from Modular Hand Set on meta ... [more]
T-Plate (Implant 281)T-Plate (Implant 281)
1.5 mm titanium "T" plate with 1.5 mm screws from Modular Hand Se ... [more]