Hip Fracture Fixation (Femur, Proximal)

Auxano™, Continuous Bone Fixation Interface (Prod 2006244)
Fast and reliable bone fixation system Adaptable surface featur ... [more]
Biomet Holland Nail (Implant 285)Biomet Holland Nail (Implant 285)
Contents Holland Nail Intramedullary fixation for proximal fem ... [more]
Flow-Nail™ (FP 150208.920)Flow-Nail™ (FP 150208.920)
510K-cleared nail for stand-alone fixation of intertrochanteric a ... [more]
Hip Screw, Unidentified  (Impant 220527)Hip Screw, Unidentified (Impant 220527)
Please help us learn the manufacturer and the name of this screw. ... [more]
Howmedica Gamma Nail (Implant 16)Howmedica Gamma Nail (Implant 16)
Gamma Nail Courtesy of Adam S. Bright, M.D.; Gulfcoast Orthopa ... [more]
Howmedica Gamma Nail (Implant 282)Howmedica Gamma Nail (Implant 282)
Original Gamma Nail. Circa 1987. Note 10 degree proximal bend and ... [more]
Howmedica Gamma Nail (Implant 283)Howmedica Gamma Nail (Implant 283)
Trochanteric Gamma Nail. Second generation. Note 4 degree proxima ... [more]
McLaughlin Side Plate & Screw (Implant 20220426)McLaughlin Side Plate & Screw (Implant 20220426)
Image of a hip fixation plate and screw that need to be removed b ... [more]
Osteonics Omega Hip Screw (Implant 15)Osteonics Omega Hip Screw (Implant 15)
Osteonics Omega Plus Hip Screw Courtesy of Adam S. Bright, M.D. ... [more]
Smith & Nephew IMHS (Implant 225)Smith & Nephew IMHS (Implant 225)
IMHS Intramedullary Hip Screw (AP) for medullary fixation of inte ... [more]
Smith & Nephew IMHS (Implant 226)Smith & Nephew IMHS (Implant 226)
IMHS Intramedullary Hip Screw (LAT) for medullary fixation of int ... [more]
Smith & Nephew InterTAN Nail (Implant 4203)Smith & Nephew InterTAN Nail (Implant 4203)
InterTAN Long Nail, Femoral Neck/Shaft Fracture Courtesy of Aak ... [more]
Smith & Nephew InterTan Nail (Implant 4206)Smith & Nephew InterTan Nail (Implant 4206)
InterTAN Long Nail re Femoral Neck/Shaft Fx, lateral view Court ... [more]
Smith & Nephew Trigen Nail (Implant 187)Smith & Nephew Trigen Nail (Implant 187)
Trigen Short Trochanteric Nail, 11.5 mm Courtesy of William Ker ... [more]
Smith & Nephew Trigen Nail (Implant 4207)Smith & Nephew Trigen Nail (Implant 4207)
I don't know what Nail this is. Was placed at Mt. Sinai in 2001. ... [more]
Smith-Petersen Nail & McLaughlin Side Plate (Implant 397)Smith-Petersen Nail & McLaughlin Side Plate (Implant 397)
Smith-Petersen Nail with McLaughlin Side Plate, disassembled, ex ... [more]
Smith-Petersen Nail & Side Plate (Implant 399)Smith-Petersen Nail & Side Plate (Implant 399)
Smith-Petersen Nail and Side Plate, disassembled, ex vivo Court ... [more]
Smith-Petersen Nail (Implant 1501292)Smith-Petersen Nail (Implant 1501292)
Identified as a Smith-Petersen Nail "L.S. can somebody confirm ... [more]
Smith-Petersen Nail and Side Plate (Implant 398)Smith-Petersen Nail and Side Plate (Implant 398)
Smith-Petersen Nail and Side Plate, assembled, ex vivo Courtesy ... [more]
Smith-Petersen Nail, McLaughlin Side Plate (Implant 396)Smith-Petersen Nail, McLaughlin Side Plate (Implant 396)
Smith-Petersen Nail with McLaughlin Side Plate, assembled, ex viv ... [more]
Synthes Cannulated Screws (Implant 241)Synthes Cannulated Screws (Implant 241)
7.3 mm Stainless Steel Cannulated screws. Self tapping tip. Cou ... [more]
Synthes DCS (Implant 222)Synthes DCS (Implant 222)
Dynamic Condylar Screw (DCS) for fixation of proximal and distal ... [more]
Synthes DHS (Implant 60)Synthes DHS (Implant 60)
Dynamic Hip Compression Plate / Dynamic Hip Screw Courtesy of J ... [more]
Synthes LCP (Implant 423)Synthes LCP (Implant 423)
Synthes LCP Dynamic Helical Hip System Courtesy of David M. Gay ... [more]
Synthes PFN (Implant 286)Synthes PFN (Implant 286)
PFN Proximal Femoral Nail. Available in Europe. Not released in U ... [more]
Synthes PFN (Implant 287)Synthes PFN (Implant 287)
Lateral of PFN (Proximal Femoral Nail). Available in Europe. Not ... [more]
Synthes TFN (Implant 211)Synthes TFN (Implant 211)
Trochanteric Fixation Nail (TFN) AP view. Titanium with helical b ... [more]
Synthes TFN (Implant 214)Synthes TFN (Implant 214)
Trochanteric Fixation Nail (TFN) Lateral View. For medullary fixa ... [more]
Synthes TSP (Implant 209)Synthes TSP (Implant 209)
Trochanteric Stabilization Plate (TSP) in plastic bone model. Add ... [more]