Total Knee, Primary

Product Listings for Total Knee, Primary
3DKnee System (Prod 524)
The 3DKnee is the result of more than a decade of research. This ... [more]
A200 Cruciate Retaining Knee System (Prod 11997)
Provides component options to reconstruct the knee with maximum r ... [more]
ACS Knee System (Prod 10589)
Cemented and cementless femoral and tibial components. ... [more]
Active Total Knee Replacement System (Prod 3654)
Patented Ultrapolishing Technology aimed to reduce wear and failu ... [more]
Advance Stature Femoral Component (Prod 8048)
Advance Knee System. Tapered design to address the implant sizin ... [more]
ADVANTIM Total Knee Systems (Prod 1390)
Total knee arthroplasty system ... [more]
Align 360 Total Knee System
Femoral component designed for males and females with no need for ... [more]
Mobile Knee System Rotating platform mobile bearing knee system ... [more]
APEX Knee System (Prod 8575)
The Apex knee is offered in a wide range of primary sizes as well ... [more]
Apex Posterior Stabilized (PS) Knee (Prod 11502)
The Apex PS Knee maintains the key design elements of the existin ... [more]
Apollo Knee System
Total condylar knee. Previously available from Centerpulse. ... [more]
ATTUNE Rotating Platform Knee
The guide for the ATTUNE Rotating Platform Knee is a part of TRUM ... [more]
ATTUNE™ Primary Total Knee System (Prod 201606)
Designed with the goal of addressing the clinical needs of patien ... [more]
AXIOM Total Knee System (Prod 1391)
Total knee arthroplasty system ... [more]
Balanced Knee System (Prod 245)
balanSys (Prod 3277)
The balanSys is a total knee replacement system. Mathys has partn ... [more]
Beznoska Total Knee
Set of instruments and implants for Beznoska Total Knee. ... [more]
Bi-Surface Total Knee System (Prod 7157)
This product has been developed to achieve reconstruction of good ... [more]
BIOFOAM Cancellous Titanium Tibial Base (Prod 8577)
The BIOFOAM™ Tibial Base features a proprietary bone-like titan ... [more]
Biolox Delta Ceramic Knee (Prod 9710)
Ceramic femoral component for people with hypersensitivity to met ... [more]
Blauth Hinged Total Knee
The Blauth Knee-Joint Endoprosthesis is designed as a hinged pros ... [more]
BUECHEL-PAPPAS Tricompartmental Knee System (Prod 7092)
Primary and modular femoral and tibial components. Third-generat ... [more]
Buechel-Pappas™ Hinge Knee System (Prod 2304284)Buechel-Pappas™ Hinge Knee System (Prod 2304284)
Primary load bearing carried by the tibiofemoral articulating sur ... [more]