Electrosurgery, Arthroscopic

Product Listings for Electrosurgery, Arthroscopic
Arthroscopic Electrodes (Prod 3951)
Standard electrode lengths: 5 to 8" (127 to 203 millimeters). Mad ... [more]
Arthroscopic Electrodes (Prod 5203)
Arthroscopic electrodes for use in knees, shoulder, ankles, etc. ... [more]
ArthroSteer 3.5mm Ablator (Prod 10060)
ArthroSteer 3.5mm Ablator, a mono polar electrosurgical device, f ... [more]
Bending Tool (Prod 1403)
For bending of malleable ArthroWands. Previously available f ... [more]
EFLEX ELECTROTHERMAL Probes are deflectable up to 100�. This fe ... [more]
Electrodes for Arthroscopy (Prod 9459)
Electrosurgery tips designed especially for use in arthroscopic s ... [more]
Electrosurgery Unit ERBOTOM (Prod 5202)
Electrosurgery unit for use in arthroscopic procedures such as: ... [more]
ElectroThermal Arthroscopy System
A versatile electrothermal system available for arthroscopists, o ... [more]
Lancelot ArthroWand (Prod 6738)
Combines Multi-Electrode therapy with strong suction. Previo ... [more]
OPES RF Ablation Wands (Prod 4256)
Features Low profile Efficient tissue ablation and coagulation ... [more]
OPES Small Joint Ablation Probes and Ball Electrode
The OPES Small Joint Ablation Probes and Ball Electrodes provide ... [more]
Paragon T2 ArthroWand (Prod 3107)
More control and precision than a mechanical shaver. Low tempera ... [more]
RoBi Rotating Bipolar Forceps & Scissors (Prod 6149)
Simultaneous, one-handed grasping, blunt dissection, and bipolar ... [more]
Saphyre Bipolar Ablation Probes
A new standard for tissue removal. The jewel-cut notched electrod ... [more]
System 2000 (Prod 1401)
Bipolar, radiofrequency (RF) electrosurgical generator designed f ... [more]