Self Retaining Retractors, Hands-Free Retractors

Product Listings for Self Retaining Retractors, Hands-Free Retractors
Alexis Orthopaedic Protector (Prod 1703161)
Soft, flexible, tough, circular retractor/tissue protector used t ... [more]
The Anteater™ Titanium Microdiscectomy Retractor System off ... [more]
Cervical Retractor Set (Prod 8164)
Radiolucent retractor system for standard approaches to the cervi ... [more]
Charnley Initial Incision Retractor (Prod 6755)
Charnley retractor and Spain weight ... [more]
Circular Spine Retractor System
The Circular Spine Retractor System was developed for use in lumb ... [more]
Diamond Surgical Retractor (Prod 11611)
Features Novel design that allows the surgeon to open the wou ... [more]
gRetractor Abramsohn
gS 40.3150 gRetractor Abromsohn 5 1/2 inches. Stainless steel. ... [more]
Gripper® (Prod 1705063)
Low-profile device that converts a hand-held retractor to a self- ... [more]
Harmony™ Retractor System (Prod 7884)
Retractor system that provides surgeons access and visualization ... [more]
Hintermann Series™ Distractor (Prod 1711121)
Available in two configurations and two sizes Open or closed ja ... [more]
Self-retaining cervical spine retractor system ... [more]
Image-Trac™ is a Posterior Spine Retractor System which can ... [more]
Kolbel Self Retaining Glenoid Retractor (Prod 4099)
Double pronged, self-retaining retractor with 6 blades ... [more]
Kolbel Soft Tissue Retractor (Prod 4306)
Modified Gelpi retractors with different curves and two prongs on ... [more]
Lone Star Retractor System (Prod 4192)
Self-retaining retractor designed to improve exposure, reduce cos ... [more]
Modillion™ L (Prod 17042613)
Lateral Thoracolumbar Expandable Retractor System: Titan ... [more]
Modillion™ P (Prod 17042614)
Posterior Thoracolumbar Expandable Retractor System: Tit ... [more]
Novel Retractor (Prod 4410)
Rack-and-pinion function designed to accept interchangeable Kolbe ... [more]
Oval FlexPosure Retractor with Binocular Visualization
For MIS (minimal incision) spine surgery. Expandable, pliable lo ... [more]
The Panther™ is a Universal Spinal Retractor System. ... [more]
Posterior Spinal Set (Prod 11292)
This system is designed to be used for posterior approaches to th ... [more]
Radius Lumbar Retractor (Prod 5827)
Minimally-invasive Access Port Radial Dilation. Negates the need ... [more]
Self Retaining Retractors
Weitlaner Retractors; Alm Retractors. Previously available from S ... [more]
Self-retaining Retractor (FP 1605033.520)Self-retaining Retractor (FP 1605033.520)
Radiolucent, carbon fiber, peek retractor frame ... [more]
Shadow-Line® Cervical Spine Retractor System (Prod 8167)
Self-retaining, hands-free, cervical retractor ... [more]
Shadow-Line® McCulloch Lumbar Retractor System (Prod 8165)
Radiolucent self retaining retractor that combines a unique mix o ... [more]