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AdvancedTelemedicine (Prod 2007101)
Features Functions with your AdvancedEHR software to grant a va ... [more]
Alquimia Skin Beauty Treatment (Prod 2007277)
Contents Skin beauty treatment that enables a broad spectrum of ... [more]
AMP Recover (Prod 2008211)
The Complete Digital Care Solution that combines virtual home exe ... [more]
Arch Assist™ Palm Support (Prod 3120S915)Arch Assist™ Palm Support (Prod 3120S915)
Soothing, massage-like support for the palm of the hand. Whethe ... [more]
backrack™ (Prod 12065)
Clinical device designed to treat the causes, and hence the sympt ... [more]
Carpal Correct™ (Prod 3119S915)Carpal Correct™ (Prod 3119S915)
20 page manual that includes stretching and conditioning exercise ... [more]
Carter Arm Elevation Pillow (Prod 9686)
Originally designed by hand surgeon, Dr. Peter Carter, the redesi ... [more]
Cervifit® 2.0 Neck Strengthening System (Prod 2007164)
Contents At-home neck therapy device Supplies accurate ROM dat ... [more]
Deluxe Over-the-Door Cervical Traction Kit (Prod 6203)
The kit includes 10' of traction cord, heavy duty 12" spreader ba ... [more]
Desk Exercises for the Workplace
Web based products and protocols for office workplace ergonomics ... [more]
Digital Knee® Rehabilitation Monitor (Prod 2007287)
Contents Automated care platform uses AI to supply actionable d ... [more]
go2pillow™ (Prod 2003221 S320)go2pillow™ (Prod 2003221 S320)
Most Versatile Pillow (MVP)® Combination horseshoe and contou ... [more]
Home Health Rehabilitation Services (Prod 9370)
OrthoCareRN is a specialized home health agency dedicated to the ... [more]
Knee ProMotion™ Overhead Pulley (Prod 9769)
The Knee ProMotion™ Overhead Pulley teaches patients to do flex ... [more]
Massage Therapy
A variety of massage therapy products for home, office and car us ... [more]
Nanowear Remote Patient Monitoring and Alert Diagnostics (Prod 2007165)
Contents Remote patient monitoring and alert diagnostics employ ... [more]
Orthopaedic Home Health (Prod 9332)
Post-operative home care of joint replacement and other orthopedi ... [more]
Pillo-Boot Lower Leg Positioning Device (Prod 11907)
Open Cell, Nontoxic, Diposable Polyfoam Insert can be Autoclaved ... [more]
Posture Pump® (Prod 151020)
Posture Pump® is a serious spinal health care product recommende ... [more]
PT Genie Virtual Rehab (FP 2110211.1021)PT Genie Virtual Rehab (FP 2110211.1021)
PT Genie Virtual Rehab is delivered via an AI-powered, mobile app ... [more]
Rehabercise for TKA (Prod 9375)
Rehabercise for TKA is an educational exercise DVD for patients a ... [more]
Thermoskin Plantar FXT
Thermoskin Plantar FXT - Plantar Fasciitis is painful enough; the ... [more]
Topical Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy THBO (Prod 7560)
This Topical Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a disposable, portable ... [more]