Product Listings for Extremities
Conductive Glove, Sock, Sleeve and Knee Support
Provides electro- stimulation to reduce swelling and pain. ... [more]
L300 Plus for Thigh Weakness (Prod 1506296)
The L300 Plus System builds on the success of the L300 Foot Drop ... [more]
NESS L300 (Prod 8027)
The NESS L300™ neuro-rehabilitation system features functional ... [more]
NeuMed Glove, Sleeve, & Sock Electrodes (Prod 2000)
For electrode therapy of the hand, elbow, knee, ankle, and foot f ... [more]
OrthoStim3 (Prod 6734)
Trimodality rehabilitative electrotherapy system OrthoStim3 put ... [more]
The Phoenix Device is a simple path to treating atrophy, pain and ... [more]
SurgiStim3 (Prod 6733)
Trimodality postsurgical electrotherapy system. SurgiStim3 puts t ... [more]