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Acland-Banis Arteriotomy Clamp (Prod 11269)
The Acland-Banis Arteriotomy Clamp was developed to overcome the ... [more]
Biover Microvascular Clamp (Prod 4142)
Single use, arterial and venous clamp Flexible Produces a cons ... [more]
CERAMO Instruments (Prod 4282)
CERAMO® micro surgical forceps, needleholders and scissors. ... [more]
Dingo Micro Vascular Clamp
A featherweight titanium clamp especially designed for temporary ... [more]
GEM MicroClip (Prod 4141)
The GEM MicroClip is a titanium hemostatic clip that is substanti ... [more]
InertS&Teel Forceps (Prod 11265)
Magnetization of instruments is a frequent cause of some annoyanc ... [more]
Micro Instruments
Titanium and stainless steel for Micro surgery. Wexlers off ... [more]
Micro Titanium Needle Holders and Forceps (Prod 3209)
All Micro Titanium Needle Holders and Forceps feature our exclusi ... [more]
Micro Tweezers / Forceps (Prod 3167)
Manufacturer of fine tipped locking and nonlocking micro tweezers ... [more]
Microsurgery Instruments (Prod 3527)
An extensive range of needle holders, scissors, forceps, clamps a ... [more]
Microsurgical Scissors (Prod 11263)
Microsurgical scissors that are skillfully handcrafted to exactin ... [more]
Microvascular Anastomotic COUPLER System (Prod 4140)
The Microvascular Anastomotic COUPLER System is a mechanical meth ... [more]
Needleholders (Prod 11268)
Based on the design by Castroviejo and are basically fine, flat h ... [more]
Ruggles Apfelbaum Microsurgical Instruments (Prod 3682)
Delicate, properly balanced and uniquely angled microsurgical ins ... [more]
Soft Suction Adapter (Prod 6026)
For direct atraumatic compliant suction around vessels and anasto ... [more]