Nerve Locators / Nerve Stimulators

Product Listings for Nerve Locators / Nerve Stimulators
CHECKPOINT Stimulator/Locator
The CHECKPOINT® Stimulator/Locator is a single-use, hand-held ... [more]
DigiStim 3 PLUS (Prod 11324)
The DigiStim 3 PLUS is a full-featured peripheral nerve stimulato ... [more]
EzStim II Dual Purpose Peripheral Nerve Stimulator (Prod 4082)
Versatile, pocket-size peripheral nerve stimulator that automatic ... [more]
MiniStim MS-IVA (Prod 4081)
Peripheral nerve stimulator For neuromuscular monitoring ... [more]
Neuro-Pulse (Prod 3100)
Neuro-Pulse™ nerve locators were designed for identifying expos ... [more]
Pulsatron II Hand-Held Nerve Locator/Stimulator (Prod 8485)
Pulsed Stimulator, delivers approximately 0.mA @ 80 pulses per se ... [more]
Stimuplex Dig RC (Prod 5040)
Nerve stimulator Used with Stimuplex Insulated Needle Componen ... [more]
Tracer® III Digital Nerve Locator (Prod 4083)
Pocket-size digital nerve locator that optimizes ease and conveni ... [more]
Vari-Stim® III Hand-Held Nerve Locator/Stimulator (Prod 8486)
Direct Current Stimulator Adjustable current settings:  0. ... [more]