Cannulated Screws

Product Listings for Cannulated Screws
3.5, 4.0, and 6.5 Cannulated Screws
Screws for fracture of the DENS ... [more]
7.0 mm Cannulated Screw System (Prod 11865)
Features: Low-profile screw head for reduced soft tissue irritat ... [more]
ArthroBridgeâ„¢ (Prod 1601092)
ArthroBridgeâ„¢ is a titanium cannulated compression screw paired ... [more]
BIODRIVE cannulated screws
Complete range of self-tapping and self-drilling Cannulated Screw ... [more]
Cannulated and Snap-Off Screw Systems (Prod 2003314)
Wide array of low-profile headed, zero-profile headless compressi ... [more]
Cannulated and Solid Screws
Equal quality for a fraction of the price. ... [more]
Cannulated Screw Instrument Sets (Prod 1182)
Individual instrument sets for 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, and 7.5 mm can ... [more]
Cannulated Screw Internal Fixation System (Prod 1801201)
The Cannulated Screw Internal Fixation System is a streamlined mu ... [more]
Cannulated Screw Set (Prod 2145)
Individual sets for 4 mm and 7 mm cannulated screws. Previously a ... [more]
Cannulated Screw Sets
Set for application of cannulated screws - set is determined for ... [more]
Cannulated Screw System (Prod 10034)
Large, cannulated screws of stainless steel. To be used for a va ... [more]
Cannulated Screw System (Prod 11360)
Cannulated Screw System is designed and manufactured to perform t ... [more]
Cannulated Screw System (Prod 11813)
This Cannulated Screw System has the widest range of sizes all in ... [more]
Cannulated Screw System (Prod 12097)
Manufactured at the same facilities and from the same raw materia ... [more]
Cannulated Screw System (Prod 4587)
7.0 mm. For hip, femoral neck. ... [more]
Cannulated Screw Systems (Prod 6074)
For small bone osteotomies, fractures, and fusions. Four screw s ... [more]
Cannulated Screw Systems (Prod 7340)
Large Cannulated Bone Screw 7.0 mm Short Thread, Large Cannul ... [more]
Cannulated Screws (Prod 996)
Large and small sizes for use in areas where accurate screw place ... [more]
Cannulated Screws (Prod 1181)
3.0 mm diameter at 8-40 mm lengths (long & short threads); 3.5 mm ... [more]
Cannulated Screws (Prod 1609051)
Cortical cannulated screws designed for forefoot and other small ... [more]
Cannulated Screws (Prod 2187)
Cannulated screw systems in seven diameters with reinforced Leadi ... [more]
Cannulated Screws (Prod 380)
4.0, 5.5, 6.5, & 7.0 mm diameters: Stainless steel & Titanium ... [more]
Cannulated Screws (Prod 619)
3.7/2.7. Easy screw placement in both systems is achieved with t ... [more]
Cannulated Screws (Prod 645)
SST screws: 6.5 SELF-TAPPING, TITANIUM ALLOY ... [more]
Cannulated Screws (Prod 6888)
Dotize surface treatment for an increase in fatigue strength, red ... [more]
Cannulated Screws (Prod 942)
3.5 & 7.0 mm diameters ... [more]
Cannulated Screws AnchorHead (Prod 685)
AnchorHead Material: "Titan" ... [more]
Cannulated Screws Asnis III
Asnis III™ Cannulated Screw System ... [more]