Crutch Alternatives

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DV8 Steerable Knee Walker
The DV8 Steerable Knee Walker supports up to 300 pounds. Features ... [more]
Economy Knee Walker
The Economy Knee Walker - economic non-steering model that is eas ... [more]
Free Spirit Knee Walker
The Free Spirit Knee Walker supports up to 400 pounds. Features d ... [more]
Freedom Leg Off-Loading Brace (Prod 10141)
Walk with zero weight on the injured foot, ankle or knee. Reduced ... [more]
iWALK 2.0 (Prod 3068)iWALK 2.0 (Prod 3068)
Hands free crutch alternative Better than crutches. Why use arm ... [more]
Pilot Knee Scooter Model 100Pilot Knee Scooter Model 100
This patent pending mobility aid for those with lower extremity p ... [more]
Rental Knee Walkers (Prod 170324)
Variety of knee walker models to suit all needs and requirements ... [more]
Roll-A-Bout, Original (Prod 3067)
Standard Model – QA-250. Four-wheeled platform to allow mobilit ... [more]
Roll-A-Bout, Steerable (SW-500) (Prod 8831)
Fits Patients 5'0" to 6'4". Weights up to 500 lbs. Off-set wheels ... [more]
RollerAid (Prod 5208)
Padded bench, handlebars, two swiveling front wheels and two fixe ... [more]
Turning Leg Caddy (Prod 7904)
Four-wheeled, steerable kneeling walker which comfortably support ... [more]
Vergon Kneal Knee Cruiser (Prod 10579)
The Vergon Kneal Knee Cruiser supports up to 400 pounds. Features ... [more]
Villager Seated Scooter (Prod 10142)
•Comfortable Seat with shock absorbing Suspension •Works for ... [more]
Weil Knee Walker (Prod 8159)
This innovative walking aid provides a comfortable alternative to ... [more]