Bone Biopsy

Product Listings for Bone Biopsy
Ackermann Biopsy Needle Sets (Prod 4113)
For biopsy of vertebral bodies, sternum, pelvis, extremities and ... [more]
Arrow® OnControl® Powered Bone Access System (Prod 6522)
The Arrow® OnControl® Powered Bone Access System, using its pow ... [more]
Avascular Necrosis Core Decompression (Prod 11286)
For replacement of Stage I Necrotic Bone with Healthy Bone. ... [more]
Bedford Guide Wire Hard Bone Biopsy Kit (Prod 10168)
Kit designed for hard bone procedures Available in 11 gauge and ... [more]
Bone Marrow Biopsy Needle (Prod 8802)
The Ranfac one Marrow Needle is a specimen-capturing needle that ... [more]
BONOPTY™ Bone Biopsy System (Prod 4078)
Bone Biopsy System with an eccentric drill to penetrate cortical ... [more]
Corb Needle Biopsy Set (Prod 6987)
Bone Biopsy Set that obtains cores of up to 30 mm long with varia ... [more]
Core-Assure Bone Biopsy Kits (Prod 11775)
Vertebral Body Bone Biopsy Kit Unique features include: Uses fam ... [more]
Elson Bone Biopsy Needle Set (Prod 4114)
Used for bone biopsy of vertebral bodies, pelvis and other extrem ... [more]
J Style Bonus Bone Biopsy Needle (Prod 9431)
While others may obscure the fluoroscopic view, Bonus Needles pro ... [more]
Kensington Guide Wire Coaxial Bone Biopsy Kit
The Kensington Guide Wire Coaxial Bone Biopsy Kit is a guide wire ... [more]
Lightening Needle LTN 45 (Prod 12106)
Part of a kit used in the MAGELLAN® system Formerly the Bio-MA ... [more]
Madison Perforating Bone Biopsy Kit with Drill
The Madison Perforating Bone Biopsy Kit with Drill includes two t ... [more]
Manual Bone Drills (Prod 1712203)
Proprietary, cannulated drills specially designed with a blunt-ta ... [more]
Marrow Cellution Bone Marrow Aspiration (Prod 150414)
The Marrow Cellution Bone Marrow Aspiration system allows a clini ... [more]
MARROW-STEM Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells aspiration kit (Prod 2006231)
Contents Smart, effective regenerative solution No centrifugat ... [more]
OnControl Biopsy / Aspiration System (Prod 8501)
The OnControl® Aspiration System and the OnControl® Biopsy Syst ... [more]
Osteo-Site Bone Biopsy Needle Sets
Used for vertebral body biopsy and infusion. ... [more]
Preston™ Bone Access Needle
The Preston™ Bone Access Needle includes a hard bone introducer ... [more]
Rochester Bone Biopsy Trephine (Prod 2924)
Trephine and Bone Graft Device Instrument set that consists of&nb ... [more]
A set of surgical instruments used to percutaneously obtain large ... [more]
Serratus Vertebral Biopsy Needle (Prod 9430)
The Serratus Vertebral Biopsy Needle is a cost-effective, reliabl ... [more]
Spetzler Long Claw Tip (Prod 6431)
The Long Claw will allow expanded use of the ultrasonic bone aspi ... [more]
TOM Shidi Needle (Prod 1712202)
Enables targeted access and orientation to the superior articular ... [more]
Westbrook Bone Biopsy Kit
The Westbrook Bone Biopsy Kit is our standard bone biopsy kit. Av ... [more]