Awls and Probes

Product Listings for Awls and Probes
Bone Awls and Probes (Prod 2707)
Bone awls and probes with Ortho-GripĀ® silicone rubber palm style ... [more]
Carroll Awl (Prod 7291 C716.1)
5 5/8", TAPERED END, ROUND SHAFT ... [more]
Curved Awl (Prod 3939)
For creating starter holes for intramedullary rods. ... [more]
Durometer Bone Probe (Prod 7170)
Gauges the depth of a hole created in a bone during spinal proced ... [more]
Penetrating Awl (Prod 5335)
Matches curviture of the Buxton bone perforating tenaculum and th ... [more]
Percussion Awl (Prod 7292 C716.1)
Percussion awl with metal handle ... [more]
Rush Awl Reamer (Prod 6974)
The Rush Awl Reamer is a hand held bone drill for making an openi ... [more]
Shoulder Penetrating Awl
Phenolic handle. ... [more]