Foot / Subtalar Joint / Flat Foot Correction

Product Listings for Foot / Subtalar Joint / Flat Foot Correction
Bioblock Implant (Prod 7080)
Resorbable subtalar implant. To use as an internal support for ... [more]
Conical Astragalic Screw (Prod 6482)
A screw designed for correction of planovalgus of the foot in chi ... [more]
Endorthesis Screw
The endorthesis screw was developed for the treatment of calcane ... [more]
GaitWay Sinus Tarsi Implant (Prod 1401023)
The GaitWay Sinus Tarsi Implant facilitates the correction of pes ... [more]
For child or adult's flat foot correction. Its conical shape alon ... [more]
Spherus Talus Screw (Prod 4863)
The "SPHERUS" talus screw is designed for surgical correction of ... [more]
Subtalar Screw (Prod 150208)
Cannulated conical endorthesis (7,8,9,10,11,12 mm). Titanium Ti6A ... [more]
Conically shaped implants to defy extrusion and attain superior b ... [more]
TruArch™ Subtalar Arthroereisis System (Prod 150116)
The TruArch™ Subtalar Arthroereisis System is designed to aid i ... [more]