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Power Lift Shoulder Arthroscopy Positioner
Powered Beach Chair (Prod 8139)Powered Beach Chair (Prod 8139)
Powered beach chair with a self contained motor that does not rel ... [more]
Powered Shoulder Arthroscopy Positioner
Skytrons Powered Shoulder Arthroscopy Positioner provides safe a ... [more]
Powered Surgical Beach Chair Positioner for Shoulder Surgery (Prod 2630 C117.1)Powered Surgical Beach Chair Positioner for Shoulder Surgery (Prod 2630 C117.1)
Powered, linear motion to lift patient from 0 - 90º Onl ... [more]
Practico Operating Table for Shoulder Arthroscopy (Prod 8522)
The Merivaara Practico Operating Table for Shoulder Arthroscopy w ... [more]
QSP 7 Beach Chair Shoulder Positioner (Prod 11308)
Instant, secure head fixation. Disposable forehead pad. ... [more]
Reznik Universal Shoulder Positioner (Prod 10014)
Designed for shoulder arthroscopies for patients in the lateral p ... [more]
Schure Loc™ XPS 800-0280  (Prod 1012312 C1218.15)Schure Loc™ XPS 800-0280 (Prod 1012312 C1218.15)
Can help ncrease operating room performance and productivity and ... [more]
Shoulder Arthroscopy Chair / Beach Chair (Prod 2631 C117.1)Shoulder Arthroscopy Chair / Beach Chair (Prod 2631 C117.1)
Features of the Shoulder Arthroscopy Chair / Beach Chair / Should ... [more]
Shoulder Arthroscopy Set (Prod 2005281)
Contents A sockinette-lined sleeve Cohesive bandage Traction ... [more]
Shoulder Assistant (Prod 8150 C1218.15)Shoulder Assistant (Prod 8150 C1218.15)
Optimal patient positioning for shoulder surgery in the beach cha ... [more]
Shoulder Supports (Prod 1977)
Support without direct pressure on the brachial plexus, protectin ... [more]
Shoulder Surgery Attachment (Prod 12291)
Includes ack section with two removable side panels Height and ... [more]
Shoulder Suspender/Distractor (Prod 4657)Shoulder Suspender/Distractor (Prod 4657)
The shoulder suspender provides excellent shoulder joint exposure ... [more]
Shoulder Suspension Sleeve (Prod 9973)
Ideal for procedures requiring a stable, upright patient arm, the ... [more]
Shoulder Traction Set (Prod 2005282)
A more refined alternative to the Shoulder Suspension Set Cont ... [more]
Shoulder Tri-Arm (Prod 2005283)
Works together with the Trimano® Support Arm Contents Foam ... [more]
Shoulder-Float™ Pneumatic Patient Positioner (Prod 9278)
Provides even weight-distribution while helping to prevent ischem ... [more]
Spider Shoulder Positioner (Prod 2971)
The Spider can be used in Beach chair and lateral positions for a ... [more]
STaR Sleeve (Prod 5687)
Sterile, soft foam traction boot designed to cradle the arm, fore ... [more]
T-MAX Shoulder Positioner (Prod 2968)
Tenet Maximum Exposure Shoulder Positioner provides ideal access, ... [more]
Traction Kit (Prod 10200)
Provides a convenient method to apply traction and position the p ... [more]
Trimano (Prod 12251)
The surgeon's third hand providing flexible arm positioning witho ... [more]
TRIMANO 3D Support Arm (Prod 11062)
Immobilizes the patient's arm in the desired position Easily conn ... [more]
Ultra Shoulder Positioner (Prod 2210)
The Ultra Shoulder Positioner™ provides a safe, convenient ... [more]
Weightless Shoulder Suspension System
Weightless Shoulder Suspension System allows for approximate trac ... [more]