Positioners, Shoulder Surgery

Product Listings for Positioners, Shoulder Surgery
3-Point Shoulder Distraction System (Prod 5689)
For positioning of the shoulder during all types of arthroscopic ... [more]
Amsco Shoulder Table Package (Prod 2374)
For open and arthroscopic shoulder procedures Powered back posi ... [more]
Arm Positioner (Prod 9233)
The Arm Positioner delivers easy arm positioning for shoulder sur ... [more]
Arm Traction Device (Prod 1981)
Accommodates intraoperative traction up to 40 pounds for shoulder ... [more]
ASSISTARM Shoulder Positioner (Prod 160505)
Sturdy yet featherweight system allowing infinite positions of th ... [more]
Atlantech Shoulder Positioner (Prod 2422)
The Atlantech Shoulder Positioner is used for arthroscopic or ope ... [more]
Beach Chair Lateral Brace (Prod 1978)
Stabilizes patient and provides counter traction during shoulder ... [more]
Beach Chair Lateral Traction Device (Prod 5690)
The Beach Chair Lateral Traction Device was designed to accommoda ... [more]
BeachChair Shoulder Positioning System (Prod 3090)
The BeachChair Shoulder Positioning System has been designed to p ... [more]
Berkette Beach Chair Limb Positioner Kit (Prod 1504221)Berkette Beach Chair Limb Positioner Kit (Prod 1504221)
For Use With ARTHREX® TRIMANO® Shoulder Positioner AR- ... [more]
Dr Don's Arm Canoe (Prod 1407303)
Shoulder arthroscopy kit compatible with ARTHREX® Frame and STaR ... [more]
Dr Don's Arm Suspension Kit (Prod 140930)
Shoulder arthroscopy kit comparable to the DEROYAL® shoulder sus ... [more]
Dr Don's Arm Suspension Kit - Montana (Prod 1407294)
Shoulder arthroscopy kit comparable to the SMITH & NEPHEW Sho ... [more]
Dr Don's Arm Suspension Kit - Northern (Prod 1407295)
Shoulder arthroscopy kit comparable to the ARTHREX® Lateral Arm ... [more]
Dr Don’s Arm Canoe V (Prod 1407284)
Comparable to ARTHREX® STaR® Sleeve, Velcro (AR-1606V) The C ... [more]
E-Z Lift Beach Chair 800-0142  (Prod 10405 C1218.15)E-Z Lift Beach Chair 800-0142 (Prod 10405 C1218.15)
Position patients for shoulder surgery with this lightweight and ... [more]
Erin Face Mask (Prod 1412316)Erin Face Mask (Prod 1412316)
For Use With SMITH & NEPHEW® T-MAX™ Beach Chair ( ... [more]
Jessie Arm Suspension Kit (Prod 1407285)
Comparable to McConnell Arm Support (12-401) The Jessie Arm Sus ... [more]
Lateral Brace For Shoulder Positioners
Lateral Shoulder Holder (Prod 1901011 C1218.15)Lateral Shoulder Holder (Prod 1901011 C1218.15)
Weightless shoulder system that allows for traction settings from ... [more]
Lift-Assist® Beach Chair (Prod 1979)
The Lift-Assist Beach Chair is designed for use with orthopaedic ... [more]
Manual Shoulder Arthroscopy Positioner
Marco Shoulder Stabilization Kit (Prod 1412318)Marco Shoulder Stabilization Kit (Prod 1412318)
For Use With SMITH & NEPHEW® SPIDER™ Limb Positio ... [more]
McConnell Arm & Hand Traction Wraps  (FP 9773.117)McConnell Arm & Hand Traction Wraps (FP 9773.117)
Sterile Disposables designed for use with the entire McConnell sy ... [more]
McConnell ASIP System #120  (FP 1685.117)McConnell ASIP System #120 (FP 1685.117)
Articlulated, sterile, intraoperative shoulder positioning system ... [more]
Merivaara Practico Beach Chair (Prod 8523)
The Merivaara Practico Beach Chair is an accessory for the Practi ... [more]
Modular Joint Distractor (Prod 5688)
The Modular Joint Distractor and STaR Sleeve provide a method to ... [more]
NorthStar Beach Chair (Prod 2998)
Orthopaedic Beach Chair Positioner. Quick and easy set-up, flexi ... [more]
Norton Arm Kit (Prod 1504243)
Comparable to and for use in lieu of ALLEN® Arm Restraint (A-920 ... [more]