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Alvarado Surgical Knee Holder (Prod 916)
Knee holder for arthrotomies ... [more]
Alvarado Surgical Knee Holder System (Prod 150106)Alvarado Surgical Knee Holder System (Prod 150106)
A positioner system that allows ready access to the knee as well ... [more]
De Mayo Knee Positioner (Prod 5594)
The De Mayo Knee positioner reduces surgeon fatigue and assists i ... [more]
DeMayo D2® Surgical Knee Positioning Leg Holder (Prod 2007169)
Features Single-locking lever for refined control Same lever l ... [more]
Hermanator Knee Positioning Pad (Prod 1412317)Hermanator Knee Positioning Pad (Prod 1412317)
For Use With IMP® DEMAYO KNEE POSITIONER® 803 AND 803S ... [more]
JEMS Triangle Pad (Prod 1407299)
Compatible with IMP® KNEE POSITIONING TRIANGLE® 193P ... [more]
Knee Positioner for Total Knee Replacement (Prod 3453)
Wide, stable baseplate that secures rigidly to surgery table ... [more]
kneeGRIP® (Prod 1000)
To secure the position of the lower extremity with the knee flexe ... [more]
kneeGRIP® Matrix (Prod 1509222)
Simple, innovative, and effective surgical positioning system tha ... [more]
kneeGRIPII (Prod 9122)
In contrast to the kneeGRIP™, the kneeGRIPII™ feature ... [more]
Ladderloc Support System (Prod 1805044)
The Patented Ladderloc Support System is an upgrade from a famili ... [more]
Orthopedic Surgical Knee Immobilizer (Prod 2201)
This disposable product is used to retract, hold and position the ... [more]
Schure Foot for Total Knee Replacement, Lexan (Prod 1012314 C1218.15)Schure Foot for Total Knee Replacement, Lexan (Prod 1012314 C1218.15)
Same, secure positioning for total knee replacement as the stainl ... [more]
Solorail Support System (Prod 1805041)
The Patented Solorail Support System is the solution to total kne ... [more]
The sterile, single-use SuperBump™ is designed to be positi ... [more]
Surgical Knee Immobilizer (Prod 4957)
Webbing and Velcro device with a foot holder attached to a strap ... [more]
TKR Positioner for Total Knee Replacement (Prod 10404 C1218.15)TKR Positioner for Total Knee Replacement (Prod 10404 C1218.15)
Ball-track system for total knee replacement arthroplasty that is ... [more]
Total Knee Positioner (Prod 4108)
The Total Knee Positioner is a sterile, one time use system for h ... [more]
Total Knee Positioning System (Prod 11778 C117.1)Total Knee Positioning System (Prod 11778 C117.1)
FULLY ADJUSTABLE ATRAUMATIC CLAMP: This clamp will eliminate tear ... [more]
Universal Knee Positioner (Prod 1831)
Finite leg control in internal/external rotation and flexion/exte ... [more]