Suture, Non-Absorbable

Product Listings for Suture, Non-Absorbable
DFX Tensile Tape System (Prod 1706194)
Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene suture for deep tissue a ... [more]
For multistrand tendon repairs to allow fewer needle passes. ... [more]
Used to advance FiberWire. ... [more]
FiberStick and TigerStick
Fiber Wire™ andFiberWire™ with stiff, "waxed" ends to ... [more]
2 mm wide, 54" long with each end tapering into an 8" strand of # ... [more]
FiberWire™ Suture (Prod 2405)
New generation of polyester braid and long chain polyethylene sut ... [more]
Force Fiber™ Suture (Prod 150421)
Composed of a unique, ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene fi ... [more]
forcebraid® Suture & Tape (Prod 2201063)
High strength, non-absorbable suture and tape to be used in sport ... [more]
IKARIOS (Prod 150530)
IKARIOS is a non-absorbable suture manufactured from braided Ultr ... [more]
High strength, composite suture with excellent handling. 55 lbs. ... [more]
Paso Wire (Prod 150402)
Paso Wire is a strong polyethylene (PE) braided suture thread ont ... [more]
RōG Rope Suture Wire (Prod 1502138)
RōG Rope Suture Wire (UHMWPE) Blue #2 with M06 needle. ... [more]
SMARTLOOP (Prod 11955)
Kits of loop polyester sutures. ... [more]
Same construction as FiberWire™ but contains a black marker ... [more]
High-strength, polyethylene suture for attaching soft tissue to b ... [more]
Zip Loop Technology (Prod 8653)
A special weave in which a single strand of braided polyethylene ... [more]