Articular Cartilage / Hyaline Cartilage

Product Listings for Articular Cartilage / Hyaline Cartilage
Absorbable Bilayer Collagen I / III Membrane (Prod 3767)
Instead of performing ACI (Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation)us ... [more]
Agili-C (Prod 12273)
Single step arthroscopically-placed implant, indicated for repair ... [more]
Arthromatrix® (Prod 3666)
This company has developed a procedure of growing cartilage cells ... [more]
ARTROcell 3D® (Prod 9054)
In case of the autologous matrix induced three-dimensional chondr ... [more]
BioCAP Select (Prod 10221)
The BioCAP Select is an innovative, fully biological bone void fi ... [more]
BioSeed®-C means that a 3D Chondrocyte Graft can be grown fro ... [more]
BST-CarGel (Prod 12195)
BST-CarGel is a biopolymer-based solution that can be delivered a ... [more]
Carticel (Prod 2200)
Carticel® (autologous cultured chondrocytes) employs a commer ... [more]
Cartiform (Prod 150106)
Cartiform provides the intact, 3-dimensional architecture of hyal ... [more]
Cartilage Repair (Prod 2941)
MTF provides fresh refrigerated osteochondral allografts for foca ... [more]
Cartilage Repair Device (CRD)
Cartilage Repair Device (CRD) is a biphasic, bioresorbable scaffo ... [more]
CartiMax® Viable Cartilage Allograft (Prod 2007204)
Living, viable cartilage cells for treatment of cartilage lesions ... [more]
CartiONE™ Cell-Based Cartilage Repair (Prod 2007298)
Cartilage repair technology utilizing patient's own chondrocytes ... [more]
Chondro-Gide Bilayer Collagen Matrix (Prod 10912)
Chondro-Gide® is the leading natural collagen matrix in cartilag ... [more]
ChondroCelect, TiGenix' lead product, is an innovative product us ... [more]
ChondroFiller (Prod 150828)
Unique collagen matrix that has demonstrated significant ingrowth ... [more]
Chondrosphere® ACT (Prod 4247)
Cell based biologic which was developed as a minimally invasive t ... [more]
chondrotissue® is a 1-step, CE marked, cell-free implant used ... [more]
COR Cartilage Transplant System
Precision targeting. Improved accuracy. Perpendicularity device ... [more]
Cryopreserved Cartilage
Controlled rate freezing in a cryoprotectant solution to maximize ... [more]
Cryopreserved Osteoarticular Cartilage Allograft
Controlled rate freezing in a cryoprotective solution to maximize ... [more]
DeNovo NT Natural Tissue Graft
DeNovo NT Natural Tissue Graft is for use with focal cartilage de ... [more]
DeNovo NT Natural Tissue Graft (Prod 9540)
DeNovo NT Natural Tissue Graft is for use with focal cartilage de ... [more]
Fresh Osteoarticular Allografts
Fresh Osteoarticular Allografts. ... [more]
MACI™ (Prod 5038)
MACI™ for the treatment of focal chondral cartilage defects in ... [more]
OATS (Osteochondral Autograft Transfer System)
Single Use OATS System. Reliable. Cost-effective. Immediate tr ... [more]
ProChondrix Cartilage Restoration Matrix (Prod 160308)
ProChondrix Cartilage Restoration Matrix is a cellular 3-D cartil ... [more]