Intermittent Impulse Devices

Product Listings for Intermittent Impulse Devices
A-V Impulse System (Prod 1753)
The A-V Impulse System and accessories offer clinically proven, e ... [more]
ActiveCare DVT System (Prod 4752)
Portable, sequential, IPC device with a battery back-up weighing ... [more]
ActiveCare+SFT® (Prod 9936)
The ActiveCare+SFT® the second generation ActiveCare was design ... [more]
Aircast Venaflow System
Superior venous flow acceleration with rapid impulse inflation. ... [more]
Aviafit Pulsating Legband (Prod 10631)
Aviafit™, can reduce the risk of DVT in mobility-limit ... [more]
Cirona™ 6400 (Prod 1802261)
The Cirona™ 6400 is a portable DVT compression therapy pump tha ... [more]
DVT Pump
Portable DVT pump that is small and allows for greater mobility. ... [more]
Flowtron (Prod 2104)
For the prevention of deep vein thrombosis, OrthoRehab offers an ... [more]
Flowtron ExcelFlowtron Excel
A non-invasive, mechanical prophylaxis system for reducing the in ... [more]
ImPad AV Impulse System (Prod 2009)
100% latex free. Made in UK by NOVAMEDIX. Previously available ... [more]
Kendal SCD Compression System (Prod 12169)
Sleeves inflate every 20-60 seconds to pump blood back up to the ... [more]
PlexiPulse All-in-1 System
Intermittent pneumatic compression device designed to be used on ... [more]
pulStar Wrap System (Prod 4714)
Device covers leg from just above ankle to just below knee. Late ... [more]
ThermoComp™ (Prod 10682)
Combination of cold and compression therapies, contrast and compr ... [more]
Triple Play VT
Three therapies in one portable, lightweight system that fits in ... [more]
VasoPress DVT Systems (Prod 6442)
Comprised of a small quiet pump which is used with the variety of ... [more]
Applies external pneumatic compression for the prevention of deep ... [more]
Venowave (Prod 1601244)
The Venowave calf compression pump was invented and designed thro ... [more]
WizAir DVT™ (Prod 4003)
Product line WizAir DVT™ WizAir VASCULAR™ The world's fir ... [more]