Sequential/Gradient Pressure Devices

Product Listings for Sequential/Gradient Pressure Devices
Aircast Venaflow System
Superior venous flow acceleration with rapid impulse inflation. ... [more]
BioCryo Elbow Garment (Prod 2006181)
Contents To be used with Bio Compression Systems, Inc. BioCryo ... [more]
BioCryo System
A sequential gradient pneumatic compression and cryoTherapy syste ... [more]
Circul8 (Prod 2009161)
Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) prevention device that incorporates Bl ... [more]
Coldflo is a system combining two proven modalities-cold therapy ... [more]
Devon24D DVT Prevention Compression Device (Prod 2007295)
Contents Portable, intermittent pneumatic compression device de ... [more]
DVTCare System (Prod 12236)
Ca5:  Portable solution for the prevention of DVT utilizing ... [more]
Dynamic Compression Therapy
Dynamic compression therapy system. It consists of a pump which s ... [more]
Flowplus Gradient Segmental Compression (Prod 7539)
The Flowplus® System delivers exceptional results in the treatme ... [more]
Models 2004 & 3004 Sequential Circulators
Electrically powered pumps. ... [more]
Phlebo Press DVT (Prod 6486)
The Phlebo Press DVT is a sequential compression device for DVT p ... [more]
PlasmaFlow DVT (Prod 1703161)
Portable sequential device (Vascular Therapy System-Compressible ... [more]
Sequential Pulse Compression Sleeves (Prod 150416)
The Sequential Pulse Compression Sleeves combine three distinctiv ... [more]
VascuEase Portable DVT Prophylaxis (Prod 2006172)
Contents For non-ambulatory patients in hospital and home setti ... [more]
Venodyne DVT Compression Therapy (Prod 6485)
Accreditation bodies now recommend prophylaxis on surgeries 45 mi ... [more]