Lumbar Traction / Pelvic Traction

Product Listings for Lumbar Traction / Pelvic Traction
Homestretch (Prod 3124)
Portable, pneumatic-powered home use lumbar traction device. ... [more]
Lumbar Home Traction
The lumbar home traction unit was carefully engineered to provide ... [more]
Pelvic Traction (Prod 5106)
Pelvic traction belt and floor stands sold separately. ... [more]
Saunders Lumbar Hometrac Deluxe (Prod 6248)
The Saunders Lumbar Hometrac features an actively moving treatmen ... [more]
Saunders STx Lumbar Home Traction Device (Prod 6249)
The Saunders STx Lumbar Traction Device's friction-free track and ... [more]
Vertetrac (Prod 6435)
Vertetrac is a patented ambulatory traction system for the treatm ... [more]