Shoulder Stretching

Product Listings for Shoulder Stretching
BlueRanger™ (Prod 150318)
Economy shoulder pulley. ... [more]
Dynasplint for the Shoulder
To achieve shoulder external rotation and shoulder elevation. ... [more]
EconoRanger™ (Prod 150318)
Shoulder pulley with web strap or metal bracket. ... [more]
JAS Shoulder (Prod 1899)
Patient-directed, incremental positioning, shoulder brace. ... [more]
Pull Easy (Pul-Ez™) (Prod 150318)
Shoulder pulley with grip free hold and exercise guide. Web strap ... [more]
RangeMaster™ Shoulder Kit (Prod 1503161S319)RangeMaster™ Shoulder Kit (Prod 1503161S319)
Compact, patient-managed, shoulder range of motion kit that allow ... [more]
RangeMaster™ StretchStrap (Prod 150318)
Firm non-stretch webbing on one side, elastic stretchable loops o ... [more]
Shoulder Flexionater (Prod 7405)
The vast majority of shoulder surgery, motion deficits and arthro ... [more]
T-Rex Shoulder (Prod 1504022)
Home-use range of motion device designed to help patients achieve ... [more]
Thera-Loop™ (Prod 150318)
Thera Loop non-slip foor anchor for tubing or banding. ... [more]