Knee Stretching

Product Listings for Knee Stretching
Advance Dynamic ROM Orthoses (Prod 2940)
Advance Dynamic ROM orthoses are available in both extension and ... [more]
Controlled Dynamic Stretch Knee Brace
Dynamic brace that provides a low load, prolonged stretch to the ... [more]
Dynasplint for the Knee
To achieve knee flexion and extension. ... [more]
JAS Knee (Prod 1902)
Patient-directed, incremental positioning, knee stretching brace ... [more]
Joint Active Systems (JAS) Devices
Stress Relaxation and Static Progressive Stretch (SPS) are proven ... [more]
Knee Crank II (Prod 10556)
Facilitates full flexion recovery in patients following knee cont ... [more]
Knee Extensionater (Prod 6394)
Adjustable to patient's leg length and featuring an elevated heel ... [more]
Knee/Ankle Flexionater (Prod 6395)
Stretching device that enables patients to regain lost flexion in ... [more]
KneeWell (Prod 200219 T202002
Device designed to assist patients with flexion contractures foll ... [more]
Ortho Pedal Knee Rehabilitation System (Prod 140701)Ortho Pedal Knee Rehabilitation System (Prod 140701)
Innovative accessory that can be added to any bicycle to convert ... [more]
Seidel Slice
Seidel Knee Extension System: Places continuous, prescribed pres ... [more]
T-Rex Knee (Prod 1504021)
Home-use range of motion device designed to help patients achieve ... [more]
X10™ Facts – X10 is founded on patented technology – ... [more]