Electromagnetic Bone Growth Stimulators

Product Listings for Electromagnetic Bone Growth Stimulators
BioElectron Orthopak (Prod 4636)
Light, small, compact noninvasive system - weight at fracture sit ... [more]
Bone Healing System (Prod 3325)
For nonunion fractures, failed fusions and congenital pseudarthro ... [more]
CervicalStim™ Spinal Fusion Therapy (Prod 200424)CervicalStim™ Spinal Fusion Therapy (Prod 200424)
Single-piece, lightweight, flexible, portable, pulsed electromagn ... [more]
CMF OL1000 Devices
Uses combined magnetic field technology. Single-button, 30-minut ... [more]
OL 1000 Bone Growth Stimulator
No direct skin contact. Can be used over a cast. Multiple sizes ... [more]
OrthoLogic Bone Growth Stimulators (Prod 984)
Superimposes a dynamic magnetic field upon a static magnetic fiel ... [more]
OrthoPak Noninvasive Bone Growth Stimulator (Prod 3327)
Light, small, compact noninvasive system; weight at fracture site ... [more]
PhysioStim (Prod 5172)PhysioStim (Prod 5172)
Safe and effective non-surgical treatment for non-union of fractu ... [more]
Spinal-Stim (Prod 5173)
Drive circuit and microcontroller on a single PC board allow use ... [more]
Spinal-Stim Lite (Prod 1729)
Electromagnetic bone growth stimulation of spine fusion using PEM ... [more]
Spinal Fusion SpinaLogic® is a portable, battery-powered, mi ... [more]
SpinaLogic Bone Growth Stimulator
Portable, battery-powered bone growth stimulator used as an adjun ... [more]
SpinaLogic Bone Growth Stimulator (Prod 1048)
Battery-powered microcontrolled, noninvasive bone growth stimulat ... [more]
SpinaLogic®, OL1000® and OL1000 SC®
The SpinaLogic®, OL1000® and OL1000 SC® utilize state-of-the-a ... [more]
SpinalPak® Non-invasive Spine Fusion Stimulator (Prod 778)
Round-the-Clock, Noninvasive Spine Fusion Stimulation. ... [more]