Total Hip Systems, Primary

Product Listings for Total Hip Systems, Primary
3D Dual Ceramic-on-Ceramic Bearing Surfaces
Cup on cup on femoral head components allow for a self adjusting ... [more]
This is a ceramic coated Total Hip system. ... [more]
Active Articulation E1 Dual Mobility Hip System (Prod 11389)
The Active Articulation™ E1® Dual Mobility Hip System&n ... [more]
Acumatch P-Series Porous Coated Hip System (Prod 552)
Optimizes rotational stability for enhanced long term stability. ... [more]
Aeon Hip System
The Aeon Hip System is based on the proven design principles of a ... [more]
Features cemented and revision options ... [more]
Alloclassic Total Hip Prosthesis (Prod 1520)
Previously available from Centerpulse. ... [more]
AML Total Hip System
The first porous-coated implant indicated for use without cement. ... [more]
Asian Hip System (Prod 3605)
Anatomic stem geometry with 7 stem sizes for excellent fit in the ... [more]
ATPP - Adapted - Thrust - Plate - Prosthesis (Prod 3282)
The Adapted-Thrust-Plate Prosthesis is derived from Huggler's and ... [more]
Beznoska Total Hip System
Set of instruments and implants for Beznoska Total Hip System. ... [more]
BIAS Total Hip System
Total hip system. ... [more]
BiContact Hip System
Total hip arthoplasty. ... [more]
BiHAPro™ Hip System
Closed Pore Porous Coating and Hydroxyapatite for minimal wear de ... [more]
Birmingham Mid-Head Resection Device
Alternative to hip resurfacing in patients who would benefit from ... [more]
BRADLEY (HA Coated) Composite Hip (Prod 3788)
Stress distribution in femur and prosthesis radically altered fro ... [more]
BUECHEL-PAPPAS Integrated Hip Replacement System (Prod 5971)
For primary hip arthroplasty or hip resurfacing ... [more]
C2a-Taper Acetabular System (Prod 6183)
Ceramic-on-ceramic hip articulating system. The bearing surfaces ... [more]
Total hip primary and revision system used in conjunction with th ... [more]
Cemented & Cementless Total Hip Joint
Cemented total hip joint replacement. It is consisted of two part ... [more]
Cenator Total Hip System
Monoblock and modular stems, manufactured from cast cobalt chrome ... [more]
CERAFIT Total Hip Stem (Prod 3257)
Cementless acetabular cup and femoral stem. ... [more]