Tendon Instruments

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Brand-style Tendon Strippers (Prod 5333)
Palmaris or plantaris grafts up to 600 mm. Closed circular cutti ... [more]
Endoscopic Gastroc Release System (EGR)
Disposable device with an articulating blade allowing selective c ... [more]
Endoscopic Soft Tissue Release System (Prod 2007163)
For endoscopic carpal tunnel release, cubital tunnel release, pla ... [more]
Lalonde Tendon Approximator (Prod 3332)
Simplifies repairing or transferring tendons of all sizes in both ... [more]
PACTAN - Tendon & Nerve Repair (Prod 4146)
A coaptation device using colour coded atraumatic needles The n ... [more]
QuickPass Tendon Shuttle (Prod 6500)
2.5 and 3.5 mm tendon shuttles. Insert tendon end into "finger t ... [more]
SPEEDTRAP™ Graft Prep System (Prod 1703281)
The SPEEDTRAP™ Graft Prep System allows the surgeon to easily a ... [more]
Tendon Graft Muscle Stripper
Tendon Graft Muscle Stripper. ... [more]
Tendon Passers / Weavers / Approximators (Prod 7264)
Tendon weaver features a point on one tip to penetrate the tendon ... [more]
Tendon Stripper
For retrieval of semitendinosis and gracilis tendons for cruciate ... [more]
Tendon Weaver / Passer (Prod 1856)Tendon Weaver / Passer (Prod 1856)
Known as a Tendon Weaver, Tendon Passer, or Tendon Braider Feat ... [more]
TENdone (Prod 3140)
Finger-trap-like device used to pass tendons through bone. ... [more]
TenJet System (Prod 1710041)
The TenJet System enables an ultrasound guided, percutaneous teno ... [more]
TX Tissue Removal System (Prod 11256)
For cutting and removing of diseased or pathologic musculoskeleta ... [more]
TX2 MicroTip (Prod 160401)
Minimally-invasive disposable surgical instrument designed to tre ... [more]