Cement Removal Devices

Product Listings for Cement Removal Devices
Accu-Jack Automated Osteotome (Prod 2130)
Automated osteotome system for removal of cement or fixed prosthe ... [more]
Cement Osteotomes (Prod 1608052)
Cement Osteotomes for use in hip revisions. Previously available ... [more]
Cement Removal Hand Instruments (Prod 4530)
Cement Removal Hand Instruments that can be used for both acetabu ... [more]
DePuy® Moreland Revision Instruments (Prod 10746)
A complete set of case, trays, and instruments for total hip revi ... [more]
Oscar (Prod 1738)
Ultrasonic bone cement removing system. ... [more]
OSCAR 3 (Prod 3345)
Features Efficient - Speedy and complete removal of the cement ... [more]
OSCAR III (Prod 1955)
Orthopaedic Cemented Arthroplasty Revision System. Ultrasound dev ... [more]
PRO7020 Cordless Revision Attachment for Battery Handpiece
The PRO7020 Attachment is the only cordless revision attachment o ... [more]
Revision Trephines (Prod 1608054)
Revision Trephines. Previously available from Sheffield Medical P ... [more]
Swiss OrthoClast (Prod 4846)
Endoscopically controlled cement removal during hip revision arth ... [more]
Swiss OrthoClast (Prod 7632)
Endoscopically controlled cement removal during hip revision arth ... [more]
Ultra-Drive® Cement Removal System (Prod 4538)
The Ultra-Drive® Cement Removal System employs an ultrasonic cem ... [more]