Cast Shoes/Boots

Product Listings for Cast Shoes/Boots
Canvas Cast Shoes (Prod 2169)
A canvas cast shoe designed to improve the patient's gait while i ... [more]
Cast Boot
Sandal style with sturdy straps. Contact closures. E.V.A. Rocker ... [more]
Cast Boot (Prod 2275)
Closed toe boot that fully protects the foot of the cast from the ... [more]
CastWalker Cast Sole (Prod 4071)
Easy to apply to bottom of cast with CastWalker adhesive (include ... [more]
Deluxe Canvas Rocker (Prod 6199)
Our most popular style upper, made of strong canvas duck. Straps ... [more]
GaitKeeper Cast Sole ( Prod 4070)
The Gaitkeeper™ Cast Shoe designed for a walking cast allow ... [more]
Open-Toe Cast Boot
This economy open-toe cast boot is designed with a sturdy canvas ... [more]
Pediatric Cast Shoe (Prod 1945)
Pediatric cast shoe with 3 hook and loop closures ... [more]
Pediatric Cast Shoe (Prod 6198)
Made of a clown print canvas, with 3 hook and loop closures and a ... [more]
Rainbow Sandal (Prod 6200)
Multicolored elastic with hook and loop provide the holding power ... [more]
Rocker Cast Boot
Cast boot in sandal style, canvas upper with loop/lock closure. ... [more]
Rocker-Bottom Cast Shoe (Prod 1946)
Navy Blue or Beige made of strong canvas duck. Straps of ca ... [more]