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Arthro fms Shaver & Tornado Handpiece (Prod 4565)
The arthro fms shaver is a stand-alone shaver system which provid ... [more]
Arthroscopic Burrs, Shavers, & Cannulas (Prod 3075)
We manufacture a number of items used for arthroscopic procedures ... [more]
Atlantech Revolution Shaver-Blades (Prod 2425)
All Atlantech Shaver Blades can be reused up to 5 times after car ... [more]
Shaver system attachment to remove both tissue and bone during ar ... [more]
Disposable Arthroscopic Blades & Burrs (Prod 1502141)
For use with Smith and Nephew Dyonics®, ConMed Linvatec®, and S ... [more]
Dyonics Platinum Series Shaver Blades
Dyonics Platinum Series Shaver Blades are single-use th ... [more]
25% more power and is 50% lighter than the standard Smith & Nephe ... [more]
Dyonics Series 3000 BoneCutter
Unique high performance blades that allow surgeons to use one sha ... [more]
Ergo Shaver Handpiece
Ergo™ Shaver Handpiece -- we have made a number of ergonomi ... [more]
FMS Shaver Blades (Prod 4486)
FMS Shaver Blades are processed with a new coating which doubles ... [more]
Liberator Plus™ Shaver Blade (Prod 10207)
Multi-function resection shaver blade solution for shoulder arthr ... [more]
LightWave Suction Ablator (Prod 4793)
One-piece integrated handle with a 4 mm electrode and center suct ... [more]
Power Control Generator 2303 (Prod 2053)
Power source for Wolfe arthroscopic cutters and burrs ... [more]
Powershaver SL (Prod 2034)
An arthroscopic shaver system with a new level of technological s ... [more]
ReAct Arthroscopic Shaver Blades
Unlike conventional shaver blades that only cut by rotation, ReAc ... [more]
Shaver System (Prod 6558)
The Richard Wolf shaver system has an improved ergonomic design t ... [more]