Radius Plates, Distal

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Acu-Loc 2 Volar Distal Radius Plating System
Unique two piece locking compression screw with new instrumentati ... [more]
Acu-Loc Targeted Distal Radius System
The anatomic design of the titanium plate, in conjunction with pr ... [more]
Anatomic Wrist Plates (Prod 150120)
Features: Low Profile and rounded plate edges; Countersunk screws ... [more]
Angle-stable distal Radius Plate
For the stable, palmar treatment of flexion and extension fra ... [more]
Aptus Adaptive Distal Radius Plate (Prod 9465)
Optimized anatomical design to maximize lunate facet stabilizatio ... [more]
Aptus Dorsal Frame Plate 2.5 (Prod 11839)
Fixation of complex fractures and osteotomies of the distal radiu ... [more]
Aptus Radius 2.5 Plate (Prod 6061)
TriLock technology. Multidirectional fixed angle plating fixation ... [more]
Contours VPS (Prod 5211)
High and low contoured plates designed to fit the variable curves ... [more]
CoverLoc Volar Plate (Prod 8286)
The CoverLoc Volar Plate is designed to treat distal radius fract ... [more]
Distal Radial Plate (Prod 5609)
Stainless steel plates for distal radius. 18 different plates wi ... [more]
Distal Radius Plate (Prod 150613)
This Distal Radius Plate leverages the same locking and cortical ... [more]
Distal Radius Plates (Prod 2011251)
Distal Radius plates available in 4 titanium variants: Distal R ... [more]
Distal Radius Plating System 2.0 (Prod 2007308)
Contents Choice of employing both 2.0mm screws and 1.8mm pegs d ... [more]
Distal Radius Sterile Kit (Prod 1707154)
The Distal Radius Sterile Kit is a pre-sterilized, single-use kit ... [more]
Distal Volar Radius-Anatomic PlateDistal Volar Radius-Anatomic Plate
The DVR-A (Distal Volar Radius-Anatomic Plate) is now available w ... [more]
Dorsal Nail Plate (Prod 3572)Dorsal Nail Plate (Prod 3572)
The DNP is a minimally invasive solution for distal radius fractu ... [more]
DRFS / Distal Radius Fragment Specific Plates
Combines with the Acu-Loc 2 for flexibility in management of dist ... [more]
DRLock Volar Plate and Screw System (Prod 6999)
Anatomically contoured plates. Multi-planar fixation. Right and ... [more]
DRV PlateĀ® (Prod 1505093)
The DRV system is an osteosynthesis system for distal fractures o ... [more]
ELPS DR (Prod 18042412)
ELPS DR is a distal redious plating system. ... [more]
The ePAK single-use delivery system for internal fracture fixatio ... [more]
F3 Locked Plating System
Two unique plate families: High Strength and High Flex. Availab ... [more]
GEMINUSĀ® Volar Distal Radius Plating System (Prod 11569)
Unique dual end design that improves fit to the volar radial surf ... [more]
Kienbock's Radial Shortening System
For treatment of Kienbock's disease by precise radial shortening. ... [more]
LOCON-T Distal Radius Plating System
Low profile distal radius plate, with extender for styloid fragme ... [more]
MIfx Dorsal IM Plate (Prod 6070)
Minimally invasive approach to dorsally displaced unstable distal ... [more]
MIfx Intrafocal Pin Plate (Prod 6071)
Low profile, minimally invasive solution for dorsally displaced, ... [more]
OptiLock Distal Radius Plating System
Low profile, pre-contured dorsal, volar, and radial plates and fl ... [more]