Needle Holders

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Titanium, non-magnetic instrument which is 43% lighter than tradi ... [more]
Needle Holders
In-line CARB-BITE® and Appel Needle Holders. Multiple shapes ... [more]
Needle Holders
Large variety of precision, German-made instruments at cost-savin ... [more]
Needle Holders
olsen-Hegar Needle Holder; Castroviejo Needle Holder; Crile-Wood ... [more]
Needle Holders (Prod 7124)
Halsey, Derf, Hegar-Baumgartner, Crile-wood, Olsen ... [more]
Needle Holders (Prod 8609)
Multiple shapes & sizes. ... [more]
Needle Holders AROSurgical
With tungsten carbide inserts. Derf, Halsey, Baumgartner, Crile ... [more]
Needleholders (Prod 4302)
Heaney Needleholder with curved tip. New Orleans Needleholder wi ... [more]
PI Surgical Needle Driver (Prod 11609)
Features of the PI Surgical Needle Driver Ergonomically desig ... [more]
Spring Handled Needle Holders (Prod 10285)
Spring handled Needle Holders available in a variety of lengths a ... [more]