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8430W 300 Watt Xenon Light Source
Catalog #8430W...300 Watt Xenon Light Source, 115V; Catalog # ... [more]
Arthroscopy Accessories (Prod 7980)
The extensive accessory range includes image storage equipment, v ... [more]
Autoclavable Light Guides & Adapters
Catalog #s: C3279 ........ 3mm Universal Light Guide; C3278 .. ... [more]
C3140 Apex 180 Watt Light Source
Catalog # C3140 ........ Apex 180 Watt Light Source; Catalog # ... [more]
Fiberoptic Cable Repair (Prod 6841)
Our facility repairs all fiber optic cables. Our repair capabilit ... [more]
Fiberoptic Cable Repair and Replacement Services (Prod 6324)
25 years of experience in fiberoptic engineering with expertise i ... [more]
Fiberoptic Cables (Prod 5111)
Color-coded fiberoptic light cables. Fully autoclavable. Can be ... [more]
Fiberoptic Lightcord Repairs and Replacements
Fiberoptic lightcords repaired and refibered. As low as $125.00 ... [more]
High Flex Silicone Cables
Highly flexible and durable flat silicone cables designed for use ... [more]
Light Source and Fiberoptic Cable Repair (Prod 8047)
Fiberoptic headlight cable and endoscopy cable repair. Fiberopti ... [more]
Nova Series Xenon Light Sources (Prod 11301)
Brilliant, long lasting, and dependable intensity.  1,000 ho ... [more]
Refurbished Used Equipment (Prod 5880)
Large inventory of endoscopy equipment available for purchase. W ... [more]
Universal Fiber-Optic Light Guide Cable (Prod 5881)
Manufactured using the highest quality optical fibers to produce ... [more]