Blood Infusion / Reinfusion Devices

Product Listings for Blood Infusion / Reinfusion Devices
A postoperative system for the collection and reinfusion of autol ... [more]
autoLog Autotransfusion System (Prod 4526)
The autoLog Autotransfusion System processes blood collected from ... [more]
Autologous Fluid Concentration (Prod 5401)
Previously available from Circle Biologics ... [more]
Autotransfusion (Prod 2915)
Specializes in perioperative blood salvage. Offers cell salvage ... [more]
Blood Reinfusion System
The Blood Reinfusion System is an easy-to-use postoperative blood ... [more]
BRAT 2 (Prod 4079)
The BRAT 2 is an autologous blood recovery system. Previously ava ... [more]
CBCII ConstaVac Blood Conservation System
Closed blood recovery system used postoperatively to collect, fil ... [more]
Cell Saver 5 System (Prod 3342)
Used in operating room procedures in which there is rapid bleedin ... [more]
CellTrans (Prod 3784)
Postoperative autologous blood transfusion system ... [more]
A preevacuated / postevacuated operative autologous blood reinfus ... [more]
Electa Essential Autotransfusion Cell Separator (Prod 4080)
For preparation a high quality red blood cell product during any ... [more]
Gish Orthofuser (Prod 3713)
Simple system that yields immediate availability of a patient's s ... [more]
Haemocell System 350 (Prod 3965)
Designed to meet the requirements of blood loss in the range of o ... [more]
Infu-Surg (Prod 9312)
Disposable Pressure Infuser Bag. The Infu-SurgĀ® is an individ ... [more]
Model 7904R Autovac IOTM Intraoperative Autotransfusion System (Prod 1572)
Self-contained, intraoperative, whole blood autotransfusion syste ... [more]
Model 7924 Autovac TCTM Postoperative Autotransfusion System (Prod 1574)
Totally closed, postoperative system for orthopedic autotransfusi ... [more]
Optimus Auto-Centrifuge (Prod 2002081)
Optimus Auto-Centrifuge Kit includes:   Disposable, steri ... [more]
Orth-evac Orthopedic Autotransfusion System (Prod 6465)
Blood collection and reinfusion system for use post-operatively f ... [more]
Orthopaedic Autotransfusion (Prod 2920)
For more information, contact Davol. ... [more]
OrthoPAT (Prod 4032)
Hematocrit in the 70s ***** Only the OrthoPAT® system delive ... [more]
Solcosept Microfilter Blood Transfusion Sets
Two-stage filter blood transfusion set. Designed for infusion of ... [more]
Autologous Autotransfusion System: Suretrans features a closed sy ... [more]
The SURETRANS autotransfusion unit is an easy-to-use system desig ... [more]
XTRA (Prod 11393)
The XTRA is an autotransfusion system for pre-, intra- and post-o ... [more]