Drains, Closed Suction Systems

Product Listings for Drains, Closed Suction Systems
A single lumen drain attached to a vacuum bottle or to a bellows ... [more]
AN-40 Sump Pump
A sterile, disposable, electric vacuum source designed to provide ... [more]
Elutia Wound Drain (Prod 6590)
Elutia Wound Drain will be available with an anti-microbial coati ... [more]
Jackson-Pratt Wound Drainage Reservoir System
Single use. AKA Jackson Pratt. ... [more]
Medinorm High Vacuum (Prod 5553)
Medinorm systems provide a constant high or low negative pressure ... [more]
Medinorm Pre-Vacuumed Constant Closed Wound Drainage Systems
The Medinorm Wound Drainage Systems provide a constant negative ... [more]
MiniEvac (Prod 5883)
Disposable, surgical drain system created especially for small, d ... [more]
Petite® Wound Drainage System (Prod 2787)
All silicone drains are available with the exclusive CLOT STOP® ... [more]
Redi-Vacette® System (Prod 4536)
Features of the Redi-Vacette® System Draws the fluid away from ... [more]
Surgidyne Wound Drainage System
Closed Wound Drainage Systems from Aspen offer a wide variety of ... [more]
Via Silicone Closed Wound Drain (Prod 6589)
This is a four channeled wound drain available as flat or round a ... [more]
Wound-Evac Closed Wound Drainage (Prod 11605)
Designed to help surgeons achieve constant post-operative drainag ... [more]