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Badger Drill Bit
Tapered head reaming drill bits for endoscopic cruciate reconstru ... [more]
Drill Bits (Prod 090314.1)
Equal quality for a fraction of the price. ... [more]
Drill Bits (Prod 11361)
Drill bits are designed and manufactured to perform to the level ... [more]
Drill Bits (Prod 12098)
A full line of orthopaedic drill bits compatible with your curren ... [more]
Drill Bits (Prod 5017)Drill Bits (Prod 5017)
Cost savings on drill bits that interchange with all manufacturer ... [more]
Drill Bits with Quick Coupling Ends (Prod 7186)
Designed to fit quick coupling handles gS 86.0040 and gS 86.0045 ... [more]
Drill Points / Bits (Prod 3076)
A few basic drill point designs we specialize in are:Two Facet, T ... [more]
GEKKOU (Prod 1703299)
GEKKOU drill bits. ... [more]
One Step Drill (Prod 6511)
The ONE STEP DRILLâ„¢ allows for the creation of the initial hole ... [more]
SLICK Combo Drill Bit / Depth Gauge (Prod 150213)SLICK Combo Drill Bit / Depth Gauge (Prod 150213)
Innovative, measuring drill bit Manufactured from high strength ... [more]
Standard and A/O Twist Drills
We offer a range of stainless steel twist drills in a variety of ... [more]
Stericut (Prod 2681)
The range includes sagittal and reciprocating saw blades, burs, d ... [more]
SterileBits (Prod 1604071)
Individually wrapped, prepackaged sterile, single use drill bits ... [more]
SURGIBIT (Prod 4041)
SURGIBIT is a new bit that can now drill bone at any angle and is ... [more]
Twist Drills (Prod 7185)
Precision ground and heat treated for sharp sure-cutting edges. ... [more]
Wire Pass Drills (Prod 6512)
Previously available from Vilex, Inc. ... [more]
Zimmer Drill Bits / Twist Drills (Prod 1505111)Zimmer Drill Bits / Twist Drills (Prod 1505111)
These drill bits are for all types of bone drilling and have reli ... [more]
Zimmer Stainless Steel Drill Bits/Twist Drills (Prod 1505112)Zimmer Stainless Steel Drill Bits/Twist Drills (Prod 1505112)
These drill bits are for all types of bone drillng procedures and ... [more]