Product Listings for Inflow
87k Arthroscopy Pump (Prod 1618)
The 87k Arthroscopy Pump is designed to provide true intra-articu ... [more]
Apex Autoclavable Remote Control (Prod 1614)
Remote control device for Apex Universal Irrigation Console Cat ... [more]
Apex One-Connection Disposable Tubing Set
Latex free tubing set for Apex Universal Irrigation Console Cata ... [more]
Apex Two-Connection Disposable Tubing Set (Prod 1616)
Latex free tubing set for Apex Universal Irrigation Console Cat ... [more]
Apex Universal Irrigation Console
The Apex Universal Irrigation Console is a microprocessor-based f ... [more]
Arthroflush is a sterile, single use flushing set designed to be ... [more]
ArthroPulse Irrigation System
A battery powered alternative for arthroscopic debridement. Feat ... [more]
Atlantech Revolution Arthroscopic Pump/Shaver System (Prod 2424)
Previously available from ArthroCare Sports Medicine. ... [more]
Automatic Pressure Infusors
For irrigation during Arthroscopy, Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy. ... [more]
Continuous Wave III Arthroscopy Pump
Autoclavable remote control. Variable flow to accomodate aggress ... [more]
DualWave Arthroscopy Pump
Integrated inflow and outflow arthroscopy pump.  Safely achi ... [more]
Easy Irrigation Tower with Lift Assist (Prod 5023)
Stable; no sand bags. Lift-assist. Four independently adjustabl ... [more]
Flo-Assist Tubing Set (Prod 7348)
The Flo-Assist® Tubing Set is indicated for irrigation throug ... [more]
Fluid Control 2203 (Prod 2054)
Arthroscopy pump for fluid inflow control. ... [more]
fms duo+ & fms solo (Prod 4564)
The fms duo®+ & fms solo® are fluid management systems th ... [more]
FMS Solo (Prod 3341)
Advanced, affordable, and user-friendly irrigation system that us ... [more]
Four-Spike Adapter Set
Allows the use of four fluid bags during irrigation set-up (adapt ... [more]
HydroFlex AD System
The HyrdrFlex AD System is a multi-application irrigation pump th ... [more]
Hydroflex Arthroscopic Irrigation System (Prod 5954)
The Hydroflex System has no pressure pulse, therefore you always ... [more]
HYDROTOWER (Prod 4495)
Low cost, efficient alternative to a gravity driven system or to ... [more]
Irrigation Arthro Pump 2000
Irrigation range Arthroscopy: 0 - 2000 ml/min. Pressure range A ... [more]
Irrigation Tower (Prod 190107 C1218.15)Irrigation Tower (Prod 190107 C1218.15)
Tower to hold irrigation bags for arthroscopy, arthroscopic surge ... [more]
IV Irrigation Safety Systems
Maintains continuous fluid delivery by offering infinitely adjust ... [more]
L3 Hydrolert: Low Liquid Level Alarm (Prod 1641)
Alerts the operating room personnel of a low fluid level conditio ... [more]
Pole Pump Irrigation Console
This irrigation console comes with pole mount adaptor and has rem ... [more]
Power Lifter® II (Prod 4506)
Heavy-duty pneumatic irrigation stand designed to eliminate the b ... [more]
PowerPump DP System (Prod 11128)
Dual arthroscopic pump system intended to provide fluid distentio ... [more]
Quantum Pump (Prod 8835)
The Quantum Pump is the only arthroscopy system to intelligently ... [more]