Product Listings for Scissors
AROSupercut Scissors
Mayo, Lexer, Metzenbaum, Reynolds, Iris, Stevens ... [more]
Bandage Scissors (Prod 10232)
Heavy duty. Color coded handles. Autoclavable. ... [more]
Bipolar Scissors (Prod 7105)
For precise cutting and dissection with simultaneous bipolar coag ... [more]
BiTech Bipolar Scissors (Prod 160113)
BiTech Bipolar Scissors with single arm connection ... [more]
Capsule & Tendon Scissors (Prod 4305)
Super-hard Tungsten Carbide inserts added to sturdy seven inch Ma ... [more]
Cast Scissors
German-made. Sharp cutting blade combined with a specially serra ... [more]
FiberWire Scissors
Designed to cut any size or style suture, especially FiberWire. ... [more]
Graham Decompression Scissors (Prod 1711165)
For delicate dissection and cutting. These scissors have long han ... [more]
Honeycomb-Handle Micro Spring Scissors
Better feel and comfort. Improved ease of cleaning. Available i ... [more]
Mayo Scissors
CARB-EDGE®, straight, 14" (35.6cm); curved, 14" (35.6cm). ... [more]
Metzenbaum Scissors
SUPERCUT®, curved, 14" (35.6cm) ... [more]
Micrins Razor Edge Scissors (Prod 4137)
MICRINS Razor Edge Scissors™ are individually handcrafted o ... [more]
Micro Suture Removal Scissor
Featuring a micronotch in the distal tip for slipping under the s ... [more]
Microgrind Surgical Scissors
German made. Microgrind surgical scissors. Lifetime warranty in ... [more]
NOIR Supreme Cut Scissors
The Microtome cutting edge provides extremely fine and smooth cut ... [more]
Padgett Surgical Scissors
Stainless Steel (serrated available), Supercut, Tungsten Carbide, ... [more]
Plastic Stitch Scissors
Reusable instruments made from high-grade, sterilizable plastic. ... [more]
Mayo scissors. Iris scissors. Utility scissors. Cast cutting s ... [more]
Scissors (Prod 6056)
Bandage scissors (Lister, plaster, etc.). Surgical scissors. Ma ... [more]
Secure-Cut (Prod 10262)
Secure-Cut reposable scissors are composed of a cost effective re ... [more]
StaySharp Super-Cut Scissors (Prod 6833)
Standard blades with black handles and tungsten carbide blades wi ... [more]
Stevens Tenotomy Scissors (Prod 1711164)
For delicate dissection and cutting Small, sharp blades with vari ... [more]
Stevens Tenotomy Scissors (Prod 8606)
Curved, Serrated, SUPERCUT: 11.5cm/4.25in ... [more]
Supercut Scissors
Full line of plastic, supercut scissors with five year sharpening ... [more]
Surgical Scissors
Hundreds of options. ... [more]
Surgical Scissors (Prod 7123)
Multiple choices. German made. ... [more]