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4CIS Cage (Prod 2796)
Interbody fusion cage ... [more]
4CIS One-Touch Cage
interbody fusion cage ... [more]
A-Box (ALIF)
The A-Box is an intervertebral body fusion device for use in the ... [more]
A-Fix Spinal System (Prod 10562)
The A-Fix Spinal System is a stand-alone interbody fusion device ... [more]
A-ROM (Prod 875)
An adjustable titanium cervical ROM Mesh. ... [more]
AccuLIF (Prod 11792)
Expandable Interbody Fusion System • Precise in-situ distracti ... [more]
AccuLIF-TL (Prod 11791)
AccuLIF is a crescent shaped, expandable Interbody Fusion (IBF) c ... [more]
Cervical Cage: Radiolucent PEEK Optima® for a bette ... [more]
Actipore ACF System (Prod 809)
Intervertebral cage manufactured from porous Nitinol and designed ... [more]
Actipore PLF System
Lumbar Interbody Fusion Device without the need for bone graft ... [more]
Adonys (Prod 7279)
PEEK Lordotic PLIF Cages. Previously available from Scient'x. ... [more]
Aero™-AL (Prod 150623)
Aero™-AL is an in-line ALIF device that compresses across the ... [more]
Affinity™ (Prod 141213)
Affinity™ is a modern, minimally invasive ALIF interbody fusion ... [more]
Alamo (Prod 1406294)
Alamo C: Manufactured from PEEK Optima® LT1 and designed for use ... [more]
ALEUTIAN Anatomically-Narrow (AN) Oblique Interbody System (Prod 11682)
The ALEUTIAN® Anatomically-Narrow (AN) Oblique Interbody Syst ... [more]
ALEUTIAN Lateral Interbody System (Prod 6343)
Full range of unique and anatomically designed PEEK spacers for m ... [more]
ALEUTIAN Transforaminal-Lumbar (TLIF) II Interbody System (Prod 11681)
The ALEUTIAN® Transforaminal-Lumbar (TLIF) II Interbody Syste ... [more]
ALIF ACR (Prod 1412314)
ALIF ACR (Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion - Anterior Column Real ... [more]
Alif Double Locking Cage A2L (Prod 10132)
Part of a wide range of radiolucent cages equipped with a unique ... [more]
ALIF Foundation Interbody Cage System (Prod 160509)
OVERVIEW: Self-distracting design Four footprint ... [more]
ANATOMIC PEEK PTC Cervical Fusion System (Prod 150124)
Pure Titanium Coating (PTC) platform of interbody fusion devices ... [more]
Antelus PEEK Lumbar Cage (Prod 7101)
Range of varied heights and angles are available to correct lumba ... [more]
Antelys ALIF Plate-Cage (Prod 7276)
PEEK Securized ALIF Plate-Cage. Previously available from Scient' ... [more]
Anterior Spine Truss System (Prod 150724)
Anterior Spine Truss System uses 3D printed technology that utili ... [more]
AnyPlus® Cages
ArcadiusXP L Stand-Alone Interbody Device
The ideal combination of optimized stability, improved imaging pr ... [more]
Arco-SA™ (Prod 1704264)
Stand-Alone ALIF System: Zero-Profile Construct, Spacer ... [more]
Arco-SA™ Ti (Prod 1704265)
Stand Alone Titanium ALIF System: Trabecular Structure f ... [more]