Vertebral Body Replacements

Product Listings for Vertebral Body Replacements
Actipore Vertebral Body Replacement System
An expandable spacer designed to stabilize the spine following co ... [more]
ADD - Anterior Distraction Device
ADD is used as a vertebra replacement for the anterior cervical s ... [more]
The ADDplus is an expandable anterior distraction device which is ... [more]
ADDplus - Winged Anterior Distraction Device
ADDplus is a distractable vertebral body replacement for the cerv ... [more]
Antelys GX (Prod 7273)
PEEK VBR. Previously available from Scient'x. ... [more]
Arx Ceramic Spinal Spacer System (Prod 6432)
The Arx spinal implants are designed as vertebral body replacemen ... [more]
Aurys VBR (Prod 7269)
PEEK VBR. Previously available from Scient'x. ... [more]
BENGAL Stackable Cage System
The BENGAL® Stackable Cage System is a radiolucent, multileve ... [more]
C-Plus System
The C-Plus™ System is a Radiolucent Cervical PEEK Implant ... [more]
C-VBR (Prod 160304)
C-VBR is a vertebral body replacement device. This is a breakthro ... [more]
CAPRI Corpectomy Cage System (Prod 150331)
The CAPRI Corpectomy Cage System is an expandable vertebral body ... [more]
CONCORDE Bullet Vertebral Body Replacement
The CONCORDE™ Bullet Vertebral Body Replacement is an impla ... [more]
CONCORDE Implant and Instrument System
The CONCORDE™ Implant and Instrument System features parall ... [more]
Corelys VBR (Prod 7272)
PEEK VBR. Previously available from Scient'x. ... [more]
CoRoent System (Prod 150426)
The CoRoent System may also be used as a partial vertebral body r ... [more]
COUGAR™ System (Prod 8113)
The COUGAR™ System is an Anterior Spinal Implant System develop ... [more]
Cross-Fuse Lateral Option System
The Cross-Fuse is a comprehensive family of PEEK (poly-ether-ethe ... [more]
Crystal VBR (Prod 7883)
The Crystal™ VBRs are radiolucent with radio-dense markers ... [more]
DiaMesh System (Prod 10793)
Vertebral body replacement system with titanium implants availabl ... [more]
Dynamic Cervical Implant (DCI) (Prod 7574)
The DCI is a titanium implant that is designed for patients suffe ... [more]
Ellys VBR (Prod 7271)
PEEK VBR. Previously available from Scient'x. ... [more]
Expandable VBR Titanium Cage
The distractable vertebral body replacement VBR is used for the s ... [more]
GEO Structure (Prod 1090)
Titanium vertebral body replacement device. ... [more]
Giza VBR (Prod 10317)
The Giza is intended for use in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar ... [more]
GraftCage ACX (Prod 6128)
The GraftCage™ ACX is intended to replace a collapsed, dama ... [more]
GraftCage TLX (Prod 6126)
The GraftCage™ TLX is intended to replace a collapsed, dama ... [more]
HAWKEYE™ (VBR) Implant Device (Prod 151223)
The HAWKEYE™ (VBR) implant device is intended for use in th ... [more]
Hydrolift Vertebral Body Replacement (VBR) System
Hydrolift is the only VBR to use hydrostatic force for distractio ... [more]
inCORPorate (Prod 160319)
inCORPorate is a corpectomy device designed for thoracic and lumb ... [more]
Interbody Spacers (Prod 150329)
PEEK-Optima® vertebral body replacements. Safe, stable and bi ... [more]