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ACS Face Shield System (Prod 4226)
Protects the healthcare provider from exposure to body fluids, sh ... [more]
Bifocal Safety Glasses
Available in clear, orange, green amber, smoked, and photochromic ... [more]
BioBans Eyewear
Adjustable eye shield with the following Functional Benefits: L ... [more]
Clear Choice Face and Eye Shields
Comfortable, cost-effective reusable frames. Distortion-free opt ... [more]
CrossTex Face Shield (GCSS)
Increased level of protection. Optically clear. Distortion free ... [more]
Drape Long Shield (Prod 1407269)
For maximum face and neck protection Long face shield plus 8" o ... [more]
Drape Shield (Prod 7518)
Face shield with fluid barrier fabric added to the bottom to prot ... [more]
Face & Eye Shields
Eye shield. Face shield and face shield with drop guard. Foam f ... [more]
FACE-IT SPIT Shield® (Prod 7519)
This product is no longer in regular production. The manufacture ... [more]
FACE-IT® (Prod 7517)
FACE-IT shields provide OSHA level protection against splash of b ... [more]
GlareGard™ Masks with Extended Shield (Prod 9549)
Alleviates irritating reflections that adversely affect visibilit ... [more]
I-Spose® Face Shields (Prod 8046)
Affordable, comfortable and reliable eye protection for workers i ... [more]
LASER Eyewear / Radiation Protection
LASER Eyeware: Glass or polycarbonite lenses to protect for each ... [more]
Maxi-Guard Protective Eyeware (Prod 9725)
Shatter-resistant, polycarbonate lenses. Scratch resistant. Met ... [more]
Rescue Essentials Face Shields (Prod 200508)Rescue Essentials Face Shields (Prod 200508)
Lightweight face shield to provide a layer of protection to the e ... [more]
Stackhouse Face Shield System (Prod 11607)
The Face Shield system offers the clinician a comfortable and con ... [more]
ViriMASK™ Face Mask (Prod 2005151 T520)ViriMASK™ Face Mask (Prod 2005151 T520)
Resuabale face mask with replaceable filters that provides maximu ... [more]