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AI-Wiring System (Prod 160628)
Fixation and fastening system for the great trochanter in hip rep ... [more]
Ally Monofilament Cerclage System (Prod 4185)
Trochanteric claw with left and right anatomic designs that allow ... [more]
Bat Bridge
Bat Bridge is a cerclage wire with pre-assambled cylindrical spac ... [more]
Bone Cerclages With Locking Mechanism
The lock is firmly positioned at one end of the stainless steel c ... [more]
Bridge Cable System (Prod 1407011)
The Bridge Cable System is a multifilament Titanium cable and sle ... [more]
Cable Ready System
This system is comprised of a Cable Ready Bone Plate, cable and g ... [more]
Cable with Needle
The Cable with Needle has been developed as a smaller, low-profil ... [more]
Cable-Ready Cable Grip System (Prod 348)
Cerclage Wire
With the wire tightener/twister, the fixation wire is first tight ... [more]
Compressyn Band (Prod 9495)
Rigid fixation with compression for sternal closure. ... [more]
Control Cable and Wire System
Control Cable & Sleeve implants available in stainless steel or c ... [more]
Dall-Miles™ Cable System
Cerclage and trochanteric reattachment applications ... [more]
Geneste Hook (Prod 5615)
Greater trochanter hook made out of stainless steel. 2 options; ... [more]
Helix Wire
Dynamic 3-Point Fixation of Humeral Fractures ... [more]
Hex Button
Bone screw retaining device that can be used with either cable or ... [more]
Low-Profile® Cable System (Prod 3452)
Developed to make cabling simple and straightforward Pre ... [more]
Osteoclage Cable System
Multifilament cobalt-chromium or stainless steel cable and sleeve ... [more]
Radiopaque Cerclage Cable (Prod 160215)
Radiopaque Cerclage Cable used by surgeons to treat bone and spin ... [more]
SOF'WIRE Cable System
The Sof'Wire Cable System is a Stainless Steel and Titaniuim cab ... [more]
Songer Spinal Cable System
The Songer Spinal Cable System was developed as an alternative to ... [more]
Sternal Cable System
The Sternal Cable System is indicated for closure of median ... [more]
SuperCable (Prod 10485)
Trochanteric Grip and Cable-Plate System that is a polymer-based ... [more]
SuperCable (Prod 6285)
The SuperCable is a polymer-based cerclage system. A revolutionar ... [more]
SuperCable Trochanteric Grip
Utilizes Iso-Elastic Polymer cables. ... [more]
Tensyn™ Band (Prod 150220)
Tensyn™ Band for fixation of ankle syndesmosis. ... [more]
Tensyn™ Plug (Prod 150220)
The Tensyn™ Plug is the first adjustable orthopedic fixation de ... [more]
Titanium Cable
Fixation and fastening system for fracture of the shaft, etc. ... [more]
Tritium Sternal Cable Plating (SCP) (Prod 1606292)
Designed to enhance the stability and strength of traditional ste ... [more]