Radiofrequency Ablation

Product Listings for Radiofrequency Ablation
CERVICOOL Cooled RF System (Prod 150429)
Cervicool, a water cooled radio-frequency system for treating pai ... [more]
COOLIEF® Cooled RF (Prod 2006161)
Thermal radiofrequency system that uses water-cooled technology t ... [more]
Long SpineSTAR® Ablation Instrument (Prod 151220)
Long SpineSTAR is the latest innovation by the Silicon Valley med ... [more]
NT250 RF Generator (Prod 11500)
Simple treatment option specifically designed for use in Foot &am ... [more]
ReleF Technology (Prod 10497)
Non-invasive therapeutic intervention to relieve pain originating ... [more]
Spinal Tumor Ablation with Radiofrequency (STAR) System (Prod 10676)
Percutaneous radiofrequency ablation (RFA) device that provides l ... [more]