Total Knee, Revision

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ACCK Total Knee System (Prod 150107)
Product Features: A3 total knee revision system Suitable f ... [more]
ACS SC Knee System (Prod 10590)
Cementless and cemented femoral and tibial components. For revis ... [more]
ADVANCE Revision Knee System (Prod 1392)
Revision total knee arthroplasty. ... [more]
ATTUNE Revision Fixed Bearing Tibial Base (Prod 1703284)
The ATTUNE Revision Fixed Bearing Tibial Base and the 14x50 mm Ce ... [more]
balanSys REVISION (Prod 11206)
The balanSys® REVISION system provides the optimum solut ... [more]
Buechel-Pappas™ Hinge Knee System (Prod 2304284)Buechel-Pappas™ Hinge Knee System (Prod 2304284)
Primary load bearing carried by the tibiofemoral articulating sur ... [more]
Buechel-Pappas™ Revision Knee System (Prod 2304283)Buechel-Pappas™ Revision Knee System (Prod 2304283)
For use where there is grossly deficient bone stock. System co ... [more]
revision total knee arthroplasty ... [more]
Custom Distal Femoral Augment (Prod 2001065)
Our custom distal femoral augments are manufactured using advance ... [more]
Deep Dish MC3
Deep Dish MC3 : Revision system ... [more]
Endo-Model – M
Modular knee prosthesis for primary and revision surgery. The mod ... [more]
Endo-Model Rotational Knee Prosthesis
Endo-Model® Rotational Knee Prosthesis offers optimal stability ... [more]
Exprt Precision System (Prod 150529)
The Exprt Precision System is meant for highly proficient revisio ... [more]
Exprt™ Precision System (Prod 1503282)
The Exprt™ Precision System is a highly proficient revision kne ... [more]
Foundation Modular Revision System
Femoral and tibial components in 6 sizes for right and leftAugmen ... [more]
Freedom® Total Knee Revision System (Prod 160319)
The Freedom® revision system combines the Freedom Stemmed Tibial ... [more]
GENESIS II Total Knee Revision System (Prod 366)
Cemented revision total knee arthroplasty. Constrained. ... [more]
GUARDIAN Revision Hinge (Prod 1397)
Resurfacing femur design allows for only 28mm of femoral bone res ... [more]
HLS Revision System (Prod 3308)
The HLS Revision System is a posterior stabilized total knee revi ... [more]
LEGION HK Hinge Knee Implant
The LEGION HK Hinge Knee is an extension of the clinically succes ... [more]
New Era™ Knee System Revision (Prod 150329)
Utilizes the same balancing techniques as the primary ; New Er ... [more]
NexGen Complete Knee Solution Legacy Knee Constrained Condylar Knee (LCCK)
additional prosthetic stabilization due to inadequate mediolatera ... [more]
Optetrak Logic® Constrained Condylar (CC) Prosthesis (150702)
Optetrak Logic® Constrained Condylar (CC) Prosthesis for revi ... [more]
PLUS Revision Knee System
An extension of the VKS Primary Knee System. Femoral and tibial ... [more]
Profix Total Knee Revision System (Prod 367)
Revision cemented Total Knee Arthroplasty ... [more]
Proven Revision Knee System (Prod 7094)
Unsurpassed stem offset positioning. Infinite AP femoral stem pos ... [more]
REVISIO S Hinged Knee (Prod 150628)
Hinged knee endoprosthesis: 3 Sizes (S, M, L) An ... [more]
REVISION SCORE ® is a cemented revision total knee system. It ... [more]