Ankle (Site Specific)

Product Listings for Ankle (Site Specific)
E-Kit™ (Prod 1606111)
The innovative E-Kit™ contains all of the requisite cannula ... [more]
PARS Achilles Jig System (Prod 150129)
For minimal incision repair of acute ruptures of Achilles tendons ... [more]
PiroVue Gastrocnemius Recession System (Prod 1708232)
The PiroVue Gastrocnemius Recession System is for the treatment o ... [more]
SyndesMetrics™ Reduction Clamp (Prod 180520)
For reduction and fixation of ankle syndesmosis injuries Emplo ... [more]
Syndesmosis Hook (Prod 1412313)
The syndesmosis hook is used for the treatment of tibiofibular sy ... [more]