Hip (Site Specific Instruments)

Product Listings for Hip (Site Specific Instruments)
Acetabular Gouge (Prod 4505)
Wide, concave cutting blade. Offset shank. Large handle. ... [more]
Acetabular Reamers (Prod 2137)
Previously available from Precimed and later from Greatbach Medic ... [more]
AMIS (Anterior Minimally Invasive Surgery) (Prod 7145)
Instruments and leg holders for AMIS. No muscle damage. Reduced ... [more]
Anterior Approach Instrument Set (Prod 160405)
Designed specifically for the direct anterior approach, the Anter ... [more]
Antiversion Alignment Guide (Prod 1756)
For proper placement of the acetabular component. ... [more]
Ball Head Extractor
Will remove any manufacturer's ball head up to 32 mm diameter. ... [more]
Bookwalter® Femoral Elevator (Prod 1502283)
The Bookwalter® Femoral Elevator supports direct anterior approa ... [more]
Bridgeback Reamer (Prod 1608051)
Acetabular Reamers. Previously available from Sheffield Medical P ... [more]
Ci Essential Hip System (Prod 8200)
Ci Essential Hip System, software for computer-assisted hip repla ... [more]
Command® Express Instrument System
designed for insertion of the Definition® PM Stem ... [more]
Cup Extractor Standard (Prod 9813)
An extractor able to extract 38 to 75 mm external diameter acetab ... [more]
Cup Impactor (Prod 9815)
The cup impactor straight and MIS with different size impactor cl ... [more]
Dual Connection Offset Acetabular Reamer Driver (Prod 1412315)
The Dual Connection Offset Acetabular Reamer Driver is used durin ... [more]
EndoDriver® (Prod 2012251.T1220)EndoDriver® (Prod 2012251.T1220)
The original fast and safe extractor for the femoral component in ... [more]
EPIX DTS™ Dynamic Targeting System (Prod 1601242)
Intuitive angle adjustment Precise and accurate One aiming a ... [more]
GIS Minimally Invasive Instruments
Upper Instrument Tray contains Retractors and lower instrument co ... [more]
GoldLine Hip Replacement Retractor (Prod 1503111)
Table-fixed, hands-free, wound spreader system Flexible, ... [more]
GoldLine Leg Holder for THA (Prod 1503112)
Supplement to the GoldLine Wound Spreader System as part of the h ... [more]
Gray™ Revision Instruments (Prod 421)
To simplify removal of implants and cement during revision surger ... [more]
Hip and Knee Arthroplasty Instruments (Prod 89)
Rapid identification of the case and its contents contributes to ... [more]
Hip and Shoulder Skid
The Murphy Lane Bone Skid, or sometimes referred to as a hip or s ... [more]
Hip and Shoulder Skid
The Meyerding Hip and Shoulder Skid is used to extract the femora ... [more]
Hip and Shoulder Skid (Prod 4665)
The Murphy Lane Bone Skid, or sometimes referred to as a hip or s ... [more]
Hip Calibration Gauge (Prod 2704)
Allows accurate assessment of leg length inequality and medial or ... [more]
Hip Retractor System (Prod 170609)
Features Sterile, table-mounted frame that provides supp ... [more]
Hip Stem Extraction Kit (Prod 1608053)
Hip Stem Extraction Kit. Previously available from Sheffield Medi ... [more]
Hip Stem Extractor (Prod 4847)
The Hip Stem Extractor can be fixed to the exposed neck of any fe ... [more]
HipGrid DRONE (Prod 160218)
Radiopaque intraoperative guide for direct anterior approach tota ... [more]
Impaction Grafting System
Simple, reproducible instruments and stem tamps for producing a " ... [more]
IMT Woodpecker
Air powered tool that assists in axial rasping and broaching. ... [more]