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Indicator® Radiopaque Markers CT and X-Ray (Prod 1705122)
These markers are designed for use in CT or X-ray mode and provid ... [more]
Allows you to routinely and accurately calculate the radiological ... [more]
Multi-Modality Markers (Prod 1705123)
Multi-Modality Markers are artificial fiducial markers that provi ... [more]
SeeGrid (Prod 9736)
SeeGrid® position indicator aids in transferring position inform ... [more]
SeeStar® helps the physician to guide the intended needle pat ... [more]
Spherz® Passive Reflective Markers (Prod 1705124)
Spherz® aid in the auto-registration and localization of rigid p ... [more]
VoyantMark (Prod 9966)
The world's first fully positionable orthopedic X-ray calibration ... [more]
X-Ray Markers (Prod 8736)
Large variety of markers of many types, functionalities, shapes, ... [more]