Dural Grafts

Product Listings for Dural Grafts
Dura-Guard® (Prod 4253)
Dura-Guard® Dural Repair Patch is derived from bovine pericardiu ... [more]
DurADAPT Bioimplant (Prod 6291)
The DurADAPT Bioimplant is intended to repair dura mater and pre ... [more]
DuraGen Plus
The next generation onlay collagen matrix for spinal duraplasty. ... [more]
DuraMatrix Collagen Dura Substitute Membrane (Prod 3821)
Dural substitute for the repair of dura mater Nonfriable, confo ... [more]
Durepair (Prod 6973)
Dural regeneration matrix. Made from fetal, bovine dermis. Can ... [more]
Endura No-React Dural Substitute (Prod 3678)
The suturable solution from the innovators in duraplasty technolo ... [more]
EpiFix™ (Prod 10906)
A biologic Human Amniotic Membrane implant specifically processed ... [more]
Lyoplant™ Bovine Pericardium Dura Substitute (Prod 6054)
Biological material produced from bovine pericardium Pac ... [more]
Neuro-Patch Synthetic Dura Substitute
Neuro-Patch is a non-absorbable dura substitute - the dense "weav ... [more]
Suturable DuraGen (Prod 4989)
The third generation of absorbable onlay collagen matrix grafts f ... [more]