Scar / Adhesion Management

Product Listings for Scar / Adhesion Management
ActiveBarrier 45 (Prod 150629)
ActiveBarrier 45 is a versatile ExtraCellular Wound Covering and ... [more]
Adcon L
Adcon® L inhibits post-surgical scarring and adhesions follow ... [more]
AdMatrix (Prod 160312)
A decellularized dermal matrix used in wound care and Oral/Maxill ... [more]
Ambidextrous Carpal Gel Sleeve
A longer length ambidextrous Carpal Gel Sleeve. New fabric made o ... [more]
AmnioFix (Prod 11175)
AmnioFix™ tissue allograft acts as a resorbable scar tissue ... [more]
Armor Amniotic Wound Covering (Prod 150710)
Armor™ Amniotic Wound Covering is an immune privileged human al ... [more]
Binate Patch (Prod 1802125)
The Binate patch is a dual-layered amniotic membrane commonly use ... [more]
Bio-Oil® is a specialist skincare product that helps improve ... [more]
Bio‐Oil is a specialist moisturizing oil that helps improve the ... [more]
DryFlex Resorbable Adhesion Barrier (Prod 1407317)
The DryFlex® Resorbable Adhesion Barrier is a sterile, resorbabl ... [more]
DYNAVISC Adhesion Barrier Gel (Prod 12008)
DYNAVISC is a clear, absorbable gel supplied ready-to-use in a 1m ... [more]
Soft, TNT (tacky one side only), semi-occlusive, fully encapsulat ... [more]
Gel Mate (Prod 10960)
Self-adherent silicone gel flattens sand softens scars for optima ... [more]
Half Coated Body Sleeving
With half of its circumference coated with Silipos® gel, the ... [more]
Hyaloglide® (Prod 151109)
Hyaloglide® is a transparent, highly viscous gel, made of auto c ... [more]
HydroFix Ortho Shield (Prod 11458)
HydroFix™ Ortho Shield™ is indicated for the manageme ... [more]
HydroFix Spine Shield (Prod 10059)
The HydroFix™ Spine Shield has received it's CE Mark and th ... [more]
HydroFix Vaso Shield (Prod 9983)
A durable hydrogel product, the HydroFix™ Vaso Shield, is i ... [more]
MediShield (Prod 8279)
MediShield™ is an adhesion barrier for spine surgery. This ... [more]
NewGel and NewGel+E (Prod 6567)
NewGel is a pure medical grade silicone strip that is used in the ... [more]
NuShield (Prod 11787)
NuShield is a bioresorbable protective sheet / amniotic tissue th ... [more]
OrthoWrap Bioresorbable Protective Sheet (Prod 9192)
The OrthoWrap™ Bioresorbable Protective Sheet can be utilized f ... [more]
Oxiplex/SP Gel (Prod 8278)
Oxiplex® and Oxiplex®/SP is a flowable gel that is supplied ste ... [more]
Paradis Vaso Shield (Prod 11687)
The Paradis Vaso Shield™ has received FDA clearance as a co ... [more]
Reset (Prod 12209)
Reset™ amniotic tissue is a sterile, minimally manipulated ... [more]
Scar Rx (Prod 10959)
Everything your doctor recommends for softer, less noticeable for ... [more]
Silicone Gel Sheet (Prod 2006034)
Contents Sheet of silicone gel that is adhesive and helps to tr ... [more]
SkinSational (Prod 10958)
Gentle, effective scar massage tool reduces or prevents adhesions ... [more]
SteriShield Protective Amnion Patch (Prod 141222)
The SteriShield™ Protective Amnion Patch is an easy to handle, ... [more]
SuproGel (Prod 11465)
Suprogel is a degradable biological barrier with fluent form that ... [more]